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  1. Cheers for the response Andrew, I remember those cars actually. Our Editor is away this week following the Classic Rallye Tassie event, will touch base with him when he returns and may get in touch next week. @blind_elk no we haven't gotten in touch with them yet, though they are in our club directory. Will keep in mind if we need help tracking down any other rare metal, thanks mate
  2. G'day guys, Unique Cars magazine is working on an upcoming issue centred around Japanese cars, and their increasing provenance and desirability in the secondhand market (RIP me who missed the boat on 20K BNR32's 5 or so years ago and has been looking for the right car for the past year). We're seeking an ADM R31 GTS (series 1/2 or 3 at this stage) to be involved in the magazine. Again, must be Australian delivered, and as close to stock as possible. If you or anyone you know happens to own one, and would like to get involved, please get in touch with me here so we can chat further Cheers, Alex, UCM
  3. They don't seem to be included in last week's compulsory recall. I'm not aware if Nissan issued a previous voluntary recall, but go here and run your VIN to check:
  4. Yep, been in contact with Troy and they're nothing but helpful. I'll be bringing in a car through them, wouldn't even think to trust anyone else
  5. haha yeah, we have it indexed somewhere, just hasn't been uploaded yet, can't wait to read yours- you'll probably beat us to it!
  6. 2016 back to 1967, though there's issues missing from the earliest decades here and there
  7. Awesome thread guys! Will try and contribute a little with some work resources haha, our Wheels and Motor archive has recently gone public almost all the way back to 1953, all that's available can be viewed online. Here's November 1990 from Wheels, behind the pits with Skiafe at Bathurst Unfortunately missing the original July 89' piece where the "Godzilla" moniker was born...
  8. Yeah, saw that just now at work on my daily R32 hunt, dropped almost 10k. Pretty suss though, mismatched seats interior, badly written description etc is enough to turn me away. Yep, hoping prices plateau and come back down to a reasonable price for the condition. Between entering GTR ownership and first home ownership is seemingly equally as unrealistic for me right now
  9. What a joke, are auction prices still that low? Have been casually looking at them through import monster's site, don't see many for under 20
  10. Exactly, it keeps me up at night haha, just can't make the finances work right now, still owe money on my current car, will reassess next year, but scary looking at such old (and mostly thrashed) cars for that much money
  11. Finally now in a decent full-time gig, and in a position to actually look for an R32 GTR, i'm shattered to see they're now asking 35k for a rusted out shitter when they used to be 20k for a good one 7 or 8 years ago. God help anyone that's chasing a BNR34, now charging 70-80k for a non-Vspec when they used to be 40k. It's partly the younger generation of car enthusiasts that grew up with these cars on the highest pedestal, I also think due to the floodgates in the US opening a few years ago for R32s, japan auctions went through the roof cause of some guy in the US with a skyline fetish would outbid you blindly by 10k- importers have to pay more, and domestically people look at the auction prices and jack up their own. Scary cause I don't see these cars dropping any time soon, and i'm scared it's my last chance to buy my "forever car" before it gets unattainable...
  12. I wouldn't buy a cheapo steering wheel, you can bend them in your hands. Beyond the legalities of removing your airbag, aftermarket steering wheels from reputable brands aren't that expensive. Unless you're looking at top-shelf jdm points from someone like Keys! racing or Vertex, have a look at local motorsport companies like Velo. They're only $250
  13. Yeah I would have snapped up that first one with LMGT4's... alas I doubt I'll see one that clean for that price any time soon