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  1. I wouldn't buy a cheapo steering wheel, you can bend them in your hands. Beyond the legalities of removing your airbag, aftermarket steering wheels from reputable brands aren't that expensive. Unless you're looking at top-shelf jdm points from someone like Keys! racing or Vertex, have a look at local motorsport companies like Velo. They're only $250
  2. Yeah I would have snapped up that first one with LMGT4's... alas I doubt I'll see one that clean for that price any time soon
  3. That's exactly the one that got me looking for inspection places haha, have been looking at carsales daily at work
  4. Pre-purchase vehicle inspections - recommendations? Hey guys, can anyone recommend any trustworthy workshops that can perform a used-vehicle mechanical inspection- compression testing etc. Skyline expertise much preferred! Would also be interested in anyone that can do paint depth checks to determine any accident history. Looking at BNR32s and wanting to be very thorough before purchasing as i've been watching the prices skyrocket over the past six years since I've last been on here. We all know an honest one is getting harder and harder to find Appreciate the help guys!
  5. Slightly concerning as i'm considering a few cars from them on carsales. Though a few of their cars just look too clean in photos
  6. wa 

    Still available Frank? Any rust? Looks like a very honest example, well priced and loads of potential
  7. faaark, pretty close to home. Hope you find it in good knick mate
  8. Here's the photo I saw on facebook. I wouldn't say it was the best in the country. A lot of that in the comments on FB. Definitely had a big social media presence though. I Don't know what happened but here's the photo and caption. "People say you don't know what you've got until it's gone. Truth is, I always knew exactly what I had - just never thought I'd loose it. R.I.P - GTR99V (19/09/2014)"
  9. Speaking of the i8, I saw an i3 today. I've never seen one in the flesh- I didn't even know there were any in Melbourne. Also, popped into Lamborghini Melbourne to have a squizz at the new Huracan which was officially released last night.
  10. Probably trying to sell based on the low kilometres- 25,000kms. Only remotely logical reason i can find in the ad for the sky-high price.
  11. Spotted three 'lines at Monash Caulfield today. White BNR34 Silver ER34 GT with SAU stickers on the rear 1/4 windows And a white R35 in the multistorey
  12. Yeah, a lot of Hiluxes are being knicked too, if you look on the off-roading facebook pages around
  13. Some stunning scenery there Pez, want to get to Alaska so badly. Couple of friends have bought new [old] cars recently. Went out to take photos of them last week. Still consider myself fresh to this whole photography thingy. These two are my first actual organised "shoots".
  14. yeah, they look great in silver
  15. A mate of mine bought an ER34 GT a few weeks ago. Took some snaps of it on the weekend. I keep telling him to sign up for SAU!