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  1. how much for the drivers side window switches can u take a hpoto of it i have a serries ii
  2. thanks mate ile keep looking then thats what i thought, thought it was to good to be true.
  3. hello ime currently in the market for some new injectors sard 550cc second hand. ive come across some some with collars inc, and some without collars. the question is do i 100% need the collars, or can i modiffy my standard one. ime pretty handy with the tools and have access to tools if need be. has any one seen anything like this before, sorry if this is a stupid question.
  4. ime dead serious. they are great for what they are and the price, they perform good against better branded stuff. i work in a tyre shop and most people cant aford $400 $500 dollar tyres that do no klms. there after a good alrounder. if it was a track car it would be different. but ime not saying there good against some of the other stuff.
  5. no i didnt tune myself i got it done profesionaly, i held the lap top and drove ocasionaly haha. its all real time tuning as u drive in 2d and 3d maps. u can adjust everything from ignition timing, fuel maps, they control biger in jectors, change injector pulse, bigger turbos absolutly evey thing apart from boost. fully tunable ecu without the wank factor brand name
  6. good luck finding a second hand one i paid $950 fitted drive away for mine. road tuned for abot 4 hours as it was a sunday lol, mild tune only 14 psi got z32 afm and injectors so goin back in a few weeks to put it on the dyno. i think u can get them for 500 bucks new if u knom how to fit them
  7. ive got a z32 nistune board they are awsome more control over power fc looks standard, i think the new editions u can even get launch control, still afm but i dont consider that a downside.
  8. i use falken fk452 on the front they are a great all rounder ime going to put then on the back when i get back from nz. nankang ns ii falken fk452 great alrounders
  9. i use nankang ns 11 in 255 40 17 there good had toyo proxes h4 before and there great but a bit pricey even with staff disscount
  10. well that is what i did with mine i drilled and taped a new fitting on the top and ran one big hose to the intake pipe, and i left my PCV as is, fron drivers side cam cover to intake man ime not douting you and ime no gurru. but you have two rathe large hosses t into one, then into catch can then into a tiny pcv that will caus crankcase breathing isues a pcv valve is a one way valve its open when the engine is OFF boost which is vacume, your engine it will be breathing a bit then.. but being a one way valve when your making boost this valve is shut, so its not alowing boost to go into the engine, which is normal that is why they also vent to intake pipe. so when you are on boost were is your crankcase pressore going. nowere. this is how you blow seals and destroy engines
  11. i wouldnt have done the catch can that way because by joining the the cam cover breathers into one on the catch can is halfing it breathing, like if we all woke up one day with one lung. if it was a decent catch can it would have baffels so u could run a pipe back to the intake pipe without oil contamination, and put a third hose fitting on the can so u can have one hose from each cam cover to there own inlet on the catch can, then one bigger hose from catch can to intake. also check your pcv i dont think its breathing enough though the one hose
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