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  1. Looks amazing mate! I am still stuck in a white ADM G37 .... still enjoying it though thus far.
  2. Almost no-one does Supercharger kits anymore, as they cost about the same as a turbo kit, yet produce very little extra power. Spending $10k+ (more than the value of the car) for an extra 50kw at the wheels is just dumb. If you want a fast car, buy a better one.
  3. Looks like it will fit. G35 and V35 are identical cars when it comes to bodykits. Can't imagine why it wouldn't fit.
  4. First of all you need to buy a dual din kit to replace the hole that the oem stereo leaves, and in which to bolt a single/dual din replacement stereo. Check this thread (and search the forums for all your V35 info) and this thread is very useful too The kit you want looks like this (but source an OEM unit - avoid Metra/Aerpro kits - they have cheap rubbery buttons and are nasty quality-wise): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AERPRO-FP997604-SINGLE-DOUBLE-DIN-FACIA-KIT-FOR-NISSAN-SKYLINE-V35-350GT/172284374456 Join the Aus V35 Facebook groups is your best bet - they occasionally pop up for sale in there.
  5. Did you pay to have a full mechanical inspection on the car prior to purchase? If not, then yes, you made a big mistake. Second hand cards are buyer beware - what you bought is what you bought. If you didn't bother/pay to find out the cars full history prior to purchasing, then sorry to say, but fool you. Getting a full service done by a qualified mechanic may help your fuel economy issues, but generally your right foot is the thing responsible for bad fuel economy. These are not terribly economical cars at the best of times though - the power they make for the size of unboosted engine is quite amazing imho, and the penalty for this is bad fuel economy.
  6. Very cool! How did you attach it underneath? I will be interested to hear an update the first time you scrape it on something and see if it hold up. With the amount of potholes and spoon drains here in SA it would last about a week on my car
  7. Not sure who else can do it, but Nissan most certainly can do it - they are lying. And they hate imports.
  8. Not sure, but an oil change should help. You NEED to service the V36 at 5,000km intervals - anything else is torture on the engine and will lead to a premature demise.
  9. I recently hired an X-Trail when in Qld and they have a flat bit at the bottom of the steering wheel oem. I actually loved driving with it.
  10. Completely agree Christian - I think it is awesome. When I bought my ADM G37 I really wanted to get a 3l TT Q60 but sadly was out of my price range ... I bet these would be a more affordable option, and are 90% as good as the Q60 imho. If we don't get them here that will suck, but the new version of SEVS coming in soon(ish) will make cars like this available to us anyhow.
  11. Ah thanks Christian - sorry! Thanks for your support VSpecPerformance!
  12. You guys had better ALL calm the hell down, stop making threats etc etc. Or I will ban the whole lot of you.
  13. Yeah sounds like you need some better advice bud. Go see a VQ specialist and they will be able to lay it out for you.
  14. Yes, you are very confused. First of what, what the hell is a 'coyote tune'? And if such a thing even exists (I have never heard of it), how would it 'ruin' your hfcs? What are 'catless' headers? (headers are completely separate to the catalytic converters) I suggest you immediately stop talking to whoever you have been talking with, and go see a mechanic who regularly deals with VQs, who can actually help you.
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