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  1. Completely agree Christian - I think it is awesome. When I bought my ADM G37 I really wanted to get a 3l TT Q60 but sadly was out of my price range ... I bet these would be a more affordable option, and are 90% as good as the Q60 imho. If we don't get them here that will suck, but the new version of SEVS coming in soon(ish) will make cars like this available to us anyhow.
  2. Ah thanks Christian - sorry! Thanks for your support VSpecPerformance!
  3. You guys had better ALL calm the hell down, stop making threats etc etc. Or I will ban the whole lot of you.
  4. Yeah sounds like you need some better advice bud. Go see a VQ specialist and they will be able to lay it out for you.
  5. Yes, you are very confused. First of what, what the hell is a 'coyote tune'? And if such a thing even exists (I have never heard of it), how would it 'ruin' your hfcs? What are 'catless' headers? (headers are completely separate to the catalytic converters) I suggest you immediately stop talking to whoever you have been talking with, and go see a mechanic who regularly deals with VQs, who can actually help you.
  6. I did mine on jacks, then drove the car for 80,000km (before its untimely demise) without any issues. Can't see any benefit/effect of torquing them on the ground.
  7. Take out the control arms yourself (easy job, 2 bolts each side = 15 minutes per side). Take the arm plus the new bushings to any half decent workshop and they can press in the new ones for bugger all $$$. Reinstall yourself. Profit.
  8. How can it be done in a V36? I have just bought an ADM G37 with sunroof and my hair occasionally brushes the roof ... would love to lower the seat a tad.
  9. Sorry, no idea. I would suggest taking it to a place that regularly deals with imports.
  10. There are a TON of different things you need to decide before buying wheels. The fact that you want to keep them legal is very limiting, as most wheels are wider width and offset than stock, in order to fill out the guards properly. IMHO, aftermarket wheels in offsets similar to the stock V35 wheels will look pretty awful on the car, as they will sit a heap inside the guards. PLEASE don't buy Bob Jane or any other crappy Australian brand wheels on your V35! Here is a great resource with pictures, explaining widths and offsets : http://www.trak-life.com/wheel-offsets-hellaflush-hellafunctional/ Here are some useful FB groups: https://www.facebook.com/groups/JDMrimsforsaleAUS/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/jdmwheelsforsaleswap/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/V35OZ/ https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=v35 society australia (official)
  11. There is no commercially available double din solution for the V36. The one I have seen with pictures floating about the internet is completely custom - and they had to move the climate controls completely (into the roof lining), which seems like a horrible idea. FYI the 'G35' on the box means that the double din kit that you have is for a 'V35' (the V35 is called a G35 in America), not a V36, which, bizarrely, is called a G37 in America. They are completely different.
  12. I would imagine you have a grommet leak somewhere between your firewall and engine bay, and water is getting into your wiring or ECU. Definitely get it checked out asap by a decent mechanic.
  13. Pro tip: SAU has a wealth of information on this and every topic to do with Skylines - go do some reading ..... VQ35s have a timing chain, not a belt.
  14. Every 5,000km, religiously. These are highly tuned engines and need to be treated as such. And decent quality synthetic oil must be used too imho. My V35 has done 200,000km and still runs like a new car.
  15. V36s are drive by wire ..... pretty sure no analog system is compatible.
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