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  1. It's gunna take 3 or 4 hours. How much depends on the hourly rate tho'.
  2. GTSBoy

    Yeah, that's why I didn't use a thread necro meme.
  3. GTSBoy

    Yuh, made from pure chinesium. Using MBQ to make people associate to MB Quart. Might be good, or might be crap. Underseat subwoofers are not exactly hi-fi anyway, so it probably doesn't matter.
  4. GTSBoy

    Its called the Front Upper Control Arm Bush, Outer. There are a bazzzzzillllion of them in a gajillion different materials on eBay for R33s and 34s (same dog as yours).
  5. Fairly obviously, the thing you want is the hub from a turbo R33...because that's what had 5 studs.
  6. GTSBoy

    Return it and get something that will work, or see about getting an interface converter that will give you fibre on one side and what the headunit has on the other.
  7. GTSBoy

    MB Quart? Only one of the larger car audio names.
  8. You need to put them in a museum, stat.
  9. What's the closest spinamathing to the end of the pod filter?
  10. Well, that's not true. If you look at them, and they are yellow, at least 2 of them will be no good.
  11. GTSBoy

    Why would you want fixed (non twisty) FUCAs when the world now agrees that flexible upper arms are a bloody good idea? ie, UAS, GKTech.
  12. GTSBoy

    Don't go over 10 psi on an R33 if you don't want the ECU to chuck and emo fit and throw all your petrol into it on every engine cycle. The mixtures are stupid rich on RB25 ECUs when the boost is up, and they also have a habit of giving you the lovely gift of R&R (Rich & Retard) as a built in engine protection feature. The ECU is a much bigger limit to boost happiness on an R33 than the ceramic turbine is.
  13. Yuh, and the wire goes aaaaaall the way back to the ECU, where there is another big plug full of termination pins. These have been known to be pushed back out of the plug by clumsy enough handling.