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  1. @suspect_1990 pm sent neo engine cover & bracket sold! update: fuel cell o-ring no longer for sale
  2. i just got the same error 33. did you figure out what to do?
  3. so how do i fix that? buy a new sensor? thanks
  4. to quadruple clarify: did you mean 18mm thread (screws into dump) and 22mm nut (to tighten)? also there is only one black wire and 2 white wires. thanks
  5. hey guys, i did the paperclip diagnostic thing and got error code 33: heated oxygen sensor. is that the same as a normal oxygen sensor? coz i noticed that error code 53: oxygen sensor, as well. thanks
  6. one other thing i just found out is that the fuel filter is gone, so it's causing a "lean pop" at idle.
  7. sorry to bring up an old thread but i think my input is relevant and not worth starting a new thread....... i have been experiencing the same muffled popping/rumble sound then shaking when car is idling after cold start. i noticed the rumble and shaking start to settle down after the engine oil had warmed up to about 90 degrees. couldn't figure out what was wrong, then 2 weeks later the check engine light came. it turned out an exhaust leak at the rear muffler was causing the rumble and shake while idling. the leak was at the weld joints along the exhaust pipe that had started to rust. this was probably making the car run a little too rich as well, but i could be wrong. cheers!!!
  8. ah, lol i didnt know ferodo is shite, thanks. i'm gonna replace my pads with bendix ultimate anyways.
  9. i opened up the fuel cell and it turns out the mechanic dropped the oring into the tank and didnt seal the twist on cap either. replaced the oring so hopefully it will go PSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
  10. thanks for all the advice, i decided on a 2 row 52mm radiator. does anyone know how many litres of coolant it will take to fill the 52mm radiator? thanks!!!
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