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  1. hope this comes of, another great track back
  2. all the cars photo shopped with the 18inch rims;
  3. this could change a few things if it goes ahead?
  4. heya, no real for sale section for motorsport items so wanted to chuck it here if any one is keen. I have a few old Adelaide F1 posters and the first 4 Melb F1 posters for sale. all except ADL 86 and 90 $50each. the 86 and 90 $100 each. the 1990 was the 500th GP any more details just let me know.
  5. this is the guy that has it before me; (a tough 33 for sale) he seems to have a few weapons go through his hands
  6. cheers for that story. havnt seen that in years
  7. couple of pics
  8. thats my old GTR email me on [email protected]
  9. damm telecast. set record to go an extra 30min and still missed end of Q3. should know by now to extend by heaps, will know for race tonight. Malaysia should have race at about 10am instead of late arvo
  10. great app to install; im guessing wet race and will leave my picks until after quali.
  11. i thought it was just as bad as last year. who cares about what TV shows they have on during the year. I wish i could be a D lister and get in for nothing, at least i like the racing
  12. cheers im NUBS, just waiting for approval. Thought it would be the same as last year
  13. what is the pool number or name? link only goes to home page. I was signed up last year also
  14. cheers couldnt find the link. signing up now the ten one looks ok too
  15. has anyone thought about the channel ten one?