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  1. Yes they work on rb26 Just negotiating price with machinist to get a better price for everyone.
  2. Pics of alternator all fitted up
  3. You can get 150A,160A,180A,220A alternators from USA market is huge for ls engines and accessories. I saw last night 220A Alternators for $200 usd new. All you'll need is my mounting kit and your ready to roll.
  4. Just recieved this pic hot off the cnc, doesn't look much but a lot of work in it to get size,offsets, alternator rpm correct, More pics to come when I pic up and fit
  5. If you can't get one I problaby still have the pinout diagram to wire Aux into the radio just need a 1k resistor to trick radio into thinking its talking to the stacker
  6. Kenwood use to sell a Aux plug that goes in the stacker input of the radio
  7. Visited machine shop today, should have a complete batch buy end of the week.
  8. I was thinking of doing the same thing with the pcv. Do you remember the thread size for the pcv location?
  9. Personally I would run a new 8g line from alternator to battery as the factory alternator reliability issues with the connection at the main fuse block As for pics and specs it all with my cnc man, once he is finished I will post up.
  10. Advantages of my setup is 140a output Oem alternator made in Japan for Holden Australia Local warranty. Second hand alternators can be bought from wrecker for $50 New from Holden $250 Ard are expensive and try getting warranty if something goes wrong
  11. Alternator is from ls1 so you can even get one from the wreckers for $50. Have my prototype running on my car.just finishing up a better final design
  12. I will have photos up once it's all finalised,with all info required. Just didn't feel like making 100 plus kits and have no interest.
  13. Hi all I'm doing a production run of alternator mounting kits to fit 140a alternators to RB engines The kit will have mounting brackets and hardware and new pulley The alternators I'm using also plug straight into the original wiring. The alternators can be supplied or you can get them yourself from oex $190 Holden $250 or Bosch for 250-300 Want to get a idea how meny people would be interested as all up Alternator with kit will be under 500. But the more interest I get the more I make the cheaper I case offer them to everyone. Thanks