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  1. For the power thirsty
  2. Before and after voltage reading @1200rpm ons standard r32 gts-t
  3. All good man, Billtech is a top bloke and good at what he does.
  4. Mr Billtech uses my kits but I am not him even though we are both named Andrew. Does that answer your question
  5. Fatz call me 0417677905
  6. Oem Ls alternators are made in Japan so you'll keep the origin correct [emoji23]
  7. LS that thing and I'll give you a good price just for the entertainment this thread has provided me
  8. rat32r

    Bought that a couple months back don't know how I survived all these years without it.
  9. Pic above is ls1 alternator next to a r32 Gts-t alternator
  10. My favorite build thread, keep it coming
  11. Here is a pic of pulleys to Show the differing offset Ls1,RB , CWC pulley
  12. The LS1 is physically bigger, I'll try get a pic for you in the next few days don't keep stock RB laying around as they go in the bin [emoji23][emoji23]. Will get one from a customers car. Kit fits all RB engines
  13. Pm sent Any one else needs to contact me the quickest way is on 0417677905