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  1. Another kit fitted
  2. If you were close I would have given you a hand (Australia)
  3. Ok so you have injector pulse so you have a working cas signal, You say you have spark now is that on all cylinders? Have you got out a multimeter and checked anything? Need to do continuity checks to ground on coil pack harness and buzz out Igniter harness, check for correct voltages can't just replace parts hoping your going to fix it. We're are you located?
  4. Do you have injector pulse?
  5. Hey mate had this happen to me long time ago ended up being the A/c electromagnetic clutch. Had a spare Compressor that had low Suction an robbed the coil from it. Before you do Anything try pulling the plug Off the compressor and see if it still pops the fuse as you may have a wiring short
  6. Unless your running more that 30 psi boost you will never have more than 70psi fuel pressure so the 460 wins hands down
  7. Pm sent If Anyone else want to get in contact Easy my number is 0417677905
  8. You can do PayPal, bank transfer or cod. We're are you located?
  9. Any Melbourne residents wanting kits I'll be down Tuesday to Saturday and have kits with me
  10. Kits are 200. Or 500 Didn't get enough request for black so won't be doing black this time next production run I'll revisist the issue.
  11. FYI ls1 alternator p/n GM#92058857. (140Amp) Mitsubishi #A3TA7991 (140A) Bosch #BXM131E. (140A) Power master #4/58203 ( 200A) These are the best but there are cheaper aftermarket ls1 alternator just check eBay
  12. Postage to NZ $20
  13. I have genuine OEM Holden made in Japan 140A Alternators
  14. Thinking about getting these kits anodised black Any thoughts?