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  1. Worked a treat for me took 5 minutes cheers
  2. Thanks a heap Fry_33 Great explanation and pictures made it heaps easier I pulled mine all the way down to the little motor and gears, Fixed 1 connection motor now retracts but doesnt return so new internals for me but at least will be able to do it myself. Much appreciated Fry
  3. Hi guys & gals, I am from 33 and from Tasmania and just purchased my first skyline a 1995 R33 gtst in melbourne(http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b241/FritzOskeniA/car.jpg) and I must say I am glad I did, It has a few issues which I am currently sorting out mainly electrical (couldnt get past pit inspection cause of windscreen squirters) and seems to have a cpl of other gremlins but is great to finally drive one every day, I am finding this site really good alot of good topics and threads with lots of information which will be good for me as my other cars have been bombs Look forward to being around here reading and learning from people that have been there done that. Cheers Fritzo This is my "Garage car" http://s20.photobucket.com/albums/b241/FritzOskeniA/Exa/ which first got me into nissans
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