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  1. Yeah it's pretty cool, just don't want to get myself into a big mistake with it haha.
  2. Hey guys, An Nissan F31 Leopard has popped up on facebook. Doing some googling I've found some old posts of it on these forums. Anyone know any info on it? I've heard it might have had a front end hit at some stage, but I'm mostly wondering why it's done almost no K's in ~5 years, as it still has about 160k kms on it. I can't help but think its a bad idea... and yet I'm intrigued by a stupid nissan haha. Cheers guys.
  3. Item Summary: iPod Touch (with songs) Faulty - 1st gen, 16 Gb Location: QLD: Gold Coast Condition: Used Reason for Selling: Has a fault Asking Price: 65 Delivery Methods: PickUp Contact Info: PM Me Extra Information: Hey guys Selling my iPod touch 16 Gb. For some reason, it will not play music through headphones at a normal volume, but it works fine in our FG falcon plugged into the dock, playing through the stereo. However, it does not play properly through the dock I have in my bedroom. It's not in the best condition - but if you keep it in your car, it won't really matter anyway... Everything works on it except it doesn't like playing music at normal volume unless docked. Also can come with 2500 songs PM me if interested As you can see, on my iPod the volume bar doesn't show up for an unknown reason - I've restored etc but it didn't help.
  4. _ben

    Formal Ride

    Ended up going in a Camaro from another car forum
  5. _ben

    Formal Ride

    Thanks for the help guys, ended up getting a car sorted
  6. _ben

    Formal Ride

    Thanks, I checked the BC post but unfortunately any of the cars I'm interested are used
  7. _ben

    Formal Ride

    Queensland Academy for Health Sciences. and yeah this Friday coming up
  8. _ben

    Formal Ride

    Pfft, my school is 95% Asian nerds Not too many hot chicks
  9. _ben

    Formal Ride

    Hey Guys - Hoping this is the right section to post this. I have a formal coming up, and I'm looking for a ride. The formal is on the 10th of September at around 5 (as far as I know), at Arundel hills country club (http://bit.ly/9jGIbF), and it will most likely be a ride from my friends house (just around the corner), to pick up my girlfriend (about 5 ks away), then back to the club, however this is not finalised. I'm looking for either a R34 GT-R or R35 (But will consider any other tough cars) So if you're keen, could you please either reply to this thread, or PM me? Thanks! Ben
  10. Item Summary: Hisense 25" CRT TV Location: QLD: Gold Coast Condition: Used Reason for Selling: New tvs mean this one doesn't get used Asking Price: 50 Delivery Methods: PickUp Contact Info: PM me Extra Information: TEAC Hisense HSM685AV Colour Tv Reciever AV Stereo 200 Programmable Station Memory *Full Function remote control *Auto Tuning System *OSD menu system *Clock/Sleep Timer *Auto-off with no signal *PAL B/G + NTSC PlayBack *4 Picture present modes *Hyperband Tuner *AV Outputs *3 AV inputs *S-Video input *YUV-DVD Component input *Degaussing control
  11. Make an offer, or both for $50
  12. Make an offer, or both for $50
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