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  1. And it wasnt my ute(my F6 is auto), it was a customers. One of the loudest bangs Ive heard come from a car. Shredded the fuel lines too.
  2. TKO

    New Shop!!!

    Thanks boys, I got the keys last Thursday and have been hard at work ever since. I would like a graffiti design but probably something out the back as Im going for more of a professional look out the front. Everyone is invited to come down and check out my new shop. 1-5pm tomorrow(3rd September) 926 Albany Highway, Vic Park. Trent 0410 585 045
  3. TKO

    New Shop!!!

    0410 585 045 You can also check out my website at www.tkotinting.com
  4. TKO

    New Shop!!!

    Prices start at $245 for darkest legal film(35%) with a lifetime warranty. Legally you cant put dark tint on your 1/4s but heaps of people get away with it. It will also cost $50 to remove old film.
  5. TKO

    New Shop!!!

    Im having an open day for my new shop this coming Saturday, 3rd September from 1-5pm. Its at 926 Albany Highway, Vic Park. Its currently getting painted and fitted out so wont be open until then. I hope you can all cruise past and check it out as it will be my permanent spot for tinting now, no more mobile service(maybe a little). I will be making it a SunGard Superstore(thats the brand I use) but still run my TKO business as usual. There will be a barby and beers and im in the middle of getting NBA Jam(the old timezone machine) and Tekken so you can keep occupied while waiting for your car to get tinted. Brett Wilkinsons "PIMPED" WRX and Adam Spiteris "CRONIC" VS ute will be on display in the showroom. Hope to see you there. Trent
  6. Go Evo. The best thing about an Evo is that the Commodore meat heads still think you driving a kitted up Lancer......... Everyone knows Imprezas and Skylines.
  7. Craved, my custom designs are a trade secret but I can tell you the design goes on first. You can have any darkness of tint in dyed or metal, but always go metal if your keeping your car for more than 6 months, because dyed tint is cheap rubbish, I personally never use it. 95GTST, I charge $300 for a retint in 20% and if youve taken the back out you should get a discount because it makes the job a hell of a lot easier. Hippy, I could call my tint "Pimped Out Mother of All Zynchromian Based Carbon Fibre Hand Made By Albert Einstein Tint" and it could be the same as Frankys Tip Top Tint, names dont matter as long as its a metal based tint. If its a metal sputtered film its even better.
  8. I reckon Peter Brock and Dick Johnson would have a heart attach if they saw one of the Japs drifting down the mountain, not to mention with their arms hanging out the windows. Just think of Darrel Eastlake commentating.........
  9. It looks good if you never look at it from the front.
  10. Im a window tinter but live in Perth. Have my own business. Check out my site www.tkotinting.com to see what I can do. 5% doesnt just come in the small rolls, it comes in any size. If a tinter does your Skyline(any model) in more than one piece, he's crap. Make sure he takes your door trims off and uses steel wool on the back window to clean it, and make sure he goes right to the edge on all the windows. Prices sound about right.
  11. Skylines Australia Im Trent, Justins(Rezz) brother and partner in Ks Online Garage. I live in Perth and K's is very impressed by your response to our new website, which isnt even online yet. As the business grows, you will be seeing adverts in top car mags, ever growing website to suit your demand and maybe a little later a phat import on the streets K's Garage style. We will be stocking all our most popular gear here in Perth down the track for quicker delivery-to your door step. Hope you like it and dont hesitate to tell us what you want.
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