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  1. Just a word on this: I went a cheapo route and just bought one new Nissan coilpack before I learned about those coilpacks and regretted it. I ended up having to go back and buy a full set of 6 Splitfires. Haven't had a problem since... and now I'm having the same problem on the "new" 25GTt I just bought - need to go tomorrow and buy another set. :cry:
  2. I suppose it could be them going out slowly. On the 25GT that I have now, it was a gradual process when my coil packs went the first time. Let to stuttering, rough idle and slow acceleration. The second time it was instant... and then I found out about Splitfires and then haven't had the problem since. Was pretty much planning on buying another set for the new 25GTt anyway, but first I wanted to see what others thought. I just hope that's the problem! Would hate to find out it's something else later that costs big bucks to fix
  3. Hey guys! My name is James, I'm an American living in Japan and I've been "forced" by my Japanese wife to only buy Skylines. My heart is heavy and broken, for sure. So, I went to look at a 25GT turbo today and while I was test driving it, I noticed that the slip light came on "easily". The road was dry, the weather pleasant and sunny. It was not on constantly, mind you. From what I've read, that indicates a problem with the coil packs. And I had the coilpack problem before on my 25GT. Anyway, I'm wondering if it's normally so sensitive and perhaps I just need some practice driving smoothly and slowly and perhaps some better tires... or does it indicate a problem. I'm pretty sure I was at... 3-4k rpm in second gear already traveling at perhaps 40 or 50kph... hard to remember now... and hit the throttle pretty hard. Would that normally create a, um..., slippery situation in this particular or am I looking at a bigger problem? Or perhaps I'm being finicky... It's easy to be so when it comes to buying a used car! I tried searching for TCS but I just get every topic that 666Dan has ever posted in I was just going to message him, but he logged off before I could finish registering! So I'm very sorry if I'm asking a repeat question, but I honestly tried my best. I even looked in other forums... but I've been reading this one for so long that I felt akin to it. I was in ghost mode.
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