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  1. Think its true. One of the best gtrs in the country? Sorry dont think so. It wasvery clean though
  2. Good work mate. Best way to go. Its hard to tell from photos as interior and fuse box can be changed quite easily
  3. The trim on inside looks like vspec 2. So does the fuse box cover. Were these items different on later series non vspec?
  4. Looks like a vspec 2. Cant see the rear diffuser, could have been removed.
  5. Can you send photos of all wheels with rash? 0416135684 Where are u located?
  6. As title states Only excellent condition please. No tyres needed. Adam 0416135684
  7. Cheers mate. How about photos of the triangle pieces? Also do you have the inner handles?
  8. Keen on the interior triangle pieces and door trims. Can you send me pics mate? Also do you have a working dash clock? cheers Adam 0416135684
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