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  1. Thanks Terry. One of my favourite skylines, hands down. i just wished i'd kept a few of the old 240k's i wrecked by the dozen 20 or so years back. Worth alot more than all the 1600's i collect these days ! Hope to see all the R32's in force this year. How quick has the year gone !
  2. Datsun Day this year in Sydney, will be @ the Prospect Hotel, Sunday 2nd November 2014. Click on www.datsunday.com & download your entry form for this years show. @ the show this year , we have opened up to all Nissans & DATSUNS up to 1990. Incl R32 & S13 silvia's. As this event attracted over 160 entries last year, we have capped the event to 160 Datsuns & 40 1985- 1990 nissans. To avoid dissapointment , Download the official form on the dday website & secure your spot for the largest Gathering of Datsuns in the southern hemisphere ! This event is a SHOW, SHINE & S W A P meet. $15 pre entry secures your spot,$20 on the door ( if spots are available), whether your an entrant or trader. Shine from 9am , with over 40 trophies up for grabs . ( detailed list of catagories to follow in the coming weeks). Judging from 9am till 12pm. Trophies & the monster raffle are drawn from 1pm. BBQ all day long & plenty of cold bevvies available from the bar from 10am. Bring you datos, your spare parts & if you can't drive it there, there is the TRAILER QUEEN award up for grabs ! Look forward to seeing you all there on the day, look out for the Camera floating around, filming the day for a DVD, which will be available free to all entrants !....
  3. What was the specs on the presicion turbo Dale ?. Not sure on the emanage/fcon upgrade yet Scotty. I do all the work on my cars. (mechanic +22 yrs) this one wil be a challange, but i'm sure i'll manange with it. ( & swear a bit..) Looks like i might have to fab up a new intake whilst i'm there. Bit of work to do & Loads of room to work on ! (lol). There seems to be a few oil feed mods to do as well. What's involved with that ? Thanks for your help gents !
  4. Ive just launched my std turbo on my M35. What are the current upgrades , given that i'm not planning on going major on the mods. I'd like more boost, but not a laggy pig either! Do i just get a high flowed std turbo, like http://www.digi-hardware.com/m35highflow.htm , or a new unit ? Any recommendations ?
  5. it happens every now & then in between gears. I'll be looking into the Kompact BOV asap. Where does the factory boost guage connect up ? Mine is is always reading in the neg & occasionally goes to 0. Is there a guage you can swap in it's orig place without going all ricer & mounting one.?
  6. Factory bov farting ? Is that the noise i hear at around 3500 on occasions, from the drivers sideof the car ?
  7. FIA510

    Nissan Consult 4

    That's a bugger (with the ecu talk) i found them just after i posted this . I've heard of a few quality dramas with the early 3's, but am wondering if the newer 4 it's worth a shot.
  8. I am looking at purchasing a consult 3 or 4. Has anyone purchased one of these lately & had any issues with them. I've heard a few of the consult 3's were abit dodgy & wanted to see if anyone has been usuing the 4 with any problems?. Although i only need the 3 for the M35 stagea, it could be usefull to have for the marano i have in the family. There seems to be a few on offer, from ones that just diagnose, ones to re-program & bluetooth units. They all seem to be coming out of china & sold thru a few different ebay accounts. Here's one. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nissan-Consult-4-for-Nissan-Infiniti-and-Newest-Renault-Diagnostic-Tool-OBD2-/271424233098?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f32251e8a
  9. Perfect . thx for the advise. My luck is , that it would leak. I ordered a new one today, along with a set of BC BR's from Just Jap. Going all out next friday. New Auto, exhaust & dump, HDI FMI & Bc's, R/C gaskets & a service... also a set of wheel bearings in the front.. Going to be a busy friday..
  10. FIA510

    Stagea Brakes

    Which rear twin piston calipers run the 14mm bolts as against the 12mm R33 rears. I tried to swap the R33 calipers to the rear of my M35 & found the bolts too small. (12 >14mm) Looking for a cheap upgrade for the rear brakes. Are the R34 GTR rears running the 14mm bolt ?
  11. found one @ just jap. i'll order one when i get the bc coilovers. http://justjap.com/index.php/genuine-nissan-turbo-dump-pipe-gasket-nissan-stagea-nm35-vq25det.html Nissan p/n 14445-4P200
  12. When i swap the auto next week, i'm upgrading the exhaust & dump pipe. I Thought i might replace the gasket while i was there. My luck is that it will leak after all the work !
  13. Does anyone know what turbo > dump pipe gasket to use on a std turbo. ? Is there a generic gasket to use or need to go genuine ? cheers.
  14. Bugger... today my M35 developed a major slip in drive. Ok in reverse. Anyone else have this problem.? Who has an auto for sale in syd ?? Might be a quick fix, till i can see whats wrong with this one. It's the family daily drive..
  15. Thanks Dave & Dale.. That filter looked rank !
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