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  1. "You can buy mine for 16k so I can buy Neils?" pm me some info on yours??
  2. hahahaha nice yea thats true cheers mate
  3. hey guys, yea i dont want leather interior, too much to take care of and yea would get welllll hot in summer lol heres a link to one in SA id like http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/privat...1&silo=1011 i think ill hold off from buying one till the rite one comes up. i dont wana rush it lol importing would b cool butttt it takes months :S like i said before im not too fussed about getting an auto, one of the resons i sold my 32 was cos i hav a bit of a drive to work and i cant b bothered worrying about clutching all morning lol i will go look at that replica i think
  4. hey Daniel, u remember me from clubmotavate? i was in ur dads ute at motivation this year i want a cruiser, auto is fine with me, but as i found with the 32, the older it gets the more stuff i hav to buy and replace that doesnt effect performance or looks (bushes, relays etc etc) and i thought the s2 is newer, tiptronic, neo engine, bit nicer interior, would love to get one with a sunroof, good ac. yea iv seen that replica autech one, think i might take a trip down to hav a look, is a bit of a bargin...but then im hesitant of getting a car thats been converted cos my 32 had a turbo conversion and it was just never right ya no. cheers guys
  5. hey guys i just sold my r32 so i could get my hands on a stagea im in WA and theres afew nice ones i could get HOWEVER they are only s1's. there is one s2 going private but its pretty expencive compared to the ones over in SA etc. my question is, is there thaaaaaat much difference between a s1 and an s2?? should i fly over to SA and drive one of these sweet looking rides home? (im keen on the c34 type ones) ANY imput will be helpful thanks Troy
  6. hey guys not sure if this has been answered on here BUT can u put s2 tail lights (clear indicators if im not mistaken) onto a s1??? cheers Troy
  7. yea it lookd nice man, i put it on myself ay , the sides of it pretty much line up with the boot lines i got it for free cos my mate took it off his 34 and i was like ooooh ill take that haha
  8. i had some more on my phone but had to delete them to make room for txts this is the only other pic i hav
  9. hey man i fitted one to my 32 these are the best pics of it i could find, some bastard tryd to pull it off and screwed up all the threads and dented my boot so i got it all shaved hope this helps
  10. Rated R 32

    Ipad Use

    hahaha wtf! poor ipad
  11. hey guys mint rides, pretty new to the forum, heres my 32
  12. hey guys, im new on here Name: Troy birthday: 9 11 1989 I drive a: black r32 gts+t I work/study as: 3year apprentice mechanic Cruise/event attendance rate: as many as i can depending on if i hav enough money for fuel lol Music taste: rnb, hip hop, dance...anything with a good beat really Hobbies: going pub with the boys, cars, the ladies, chilling in the sun looking forward to going on some cruises and meeting new people
  13. thoes pics make me cry lol r35 front end conversion on r32??? some1 will prob turn it into a track car...some1 wealthy lol
  14. +2 for the diff or x-member/rad support
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