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  1. Apologies Folks, have been a bit slack posting up links to my build. Here you Go.
  2. Just be patient, its a really tough job. You'll probably have to unbolt the engine mount bracket from the block to slide the mount up & off. One side is heaps harder than the other, not sure which now. Anyhow, good luck with it all. Cheers.
  3. G'day Mate, I installed the Z1 Urethane Transmission Mount about 2 years ago, in my opinion it was a worthwhile mod. The trans does move around a bit on those hard launches & 1-2, 2-3 changes. It totally solved that. I also did the rear cradle bushes (whiteline Urethane) & also the Diff Bush (again Whiteline Urethane). They were done around 3 years ago & again imo a worthwhile upgrade. The NVH has gone up quite a bit, though for me that's not a problem. I would describe it as a bit of road rumble & you can feel the drive line when accelerating etc. Its really not that bad though. Some folks are really funny about that sort of thing, so it appears to be a bit of a personal preference. Basically, every suspension component you change will add a degree of NVH. The Factory package is pretty good to be honest, apart from just general mushiness, considering how well it handles stock & how well it isolates. Cheers Mate.
  4. G'day Mate, regardless of anything else unless it comes from a RHD donor car it simply won't fit. Going this route I would suggest a pair of turbo's & manifolds from a RHD GTR & adapter plates from a guy on the US Z forums. VR30 Turbos are going to be to small anyway. Or if you have a Manual Car, a modified BP Kit is the Go, which is an easy mod for RHD or you could always go A Stillen Supercharger Kit with Air to Air mod kit. Cheers.
  5. Cheers Guys, yep stock motor, as stated above no real reason to be dropping compression, doing a rebuild etc. Sure if you were looking to build a monster & had plenty of $$$$'s to throw at it, by all means. For Street Duty its quite capable as is with some low boost. There are many other limitations for how far i go with true street driven vehicles too, no 1 being Driver Skill. Should be plenty for an old fart like me. Was hoping to get quite a bit more done on it this week, but unfortunately the wife had a fall on Sunday putting up Christmas decorations of all things & Fractured her Spine. So needless to say I've been in out of the Hospital all week. I'll be loading up a couple of videos on some other stuff i'd already finished (not car related) to my youtube channel tomorrow, so don't be disappointed when other stuff shows up if you have subscribed to me. The Turbo Build will be continuing, just a badly timed hiccup. Apologies Guys, Cheers, Trev.
  6. G'day Mate, plumbing isn't an issue with the trans, all good. Trans is 5at RE5R05A. I did the valve body myself a couple of years ago, I have a Fast Intentions Billet Flex Plate & will do the converter while its out for this part of the build. The whole trans will get a rebuild & beef up as soon as I can afford it too. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Probably have a crack at it myself. Cheers.
  7. Finally Gotten around to starting my Diy RHD Twin Turbo Build. Posting it all up to my Youtube Channel as i'm **** at typing stuff out I've already done 2 fuel system mod vids, but this is the first proper start of the Twin Turbo Build. Hope some of you guys find it interesting.
  8. Just Posted this up to my Youtube Channel, Hopefully some of you Guys will find it helpfull. Cheers. https://youtu.be/9RsSXBilXE4
  9. No anger here Mate, sorry, did questioning your statement hurt your Feewings. So which Aussie State is Nitrous legal on the street again?
  10. Big assumption there Champ, be a pretty pissy turbo kit doing 450 at the flywheel. Even so, NA guys are only getting around 320 ATW on a Dyno Jet in the US & that's with long tubes & all the Fruit, etc. If you assume a 20% loss, so 450 - 90 = 360. Still, thats 40 hp more than so called bolt ons will get you. Getting that power NA is not cheap either.
  11. Define "this power level"? Nitrous on the street, bit to much F & F I think.
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