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  1. Just Posted this up to my Youtube Channel, Hopefully some of you Guys will find it helpfull. Cheers. https://youtu.be/9RsSXBilXE4
  2. No anger here Mate, sorry, did questioning your statement hurt your Feewings. So which Aussie State is Nitrous legal on the street again?
  3. Big assumption there Champ, be a pretty pissy turbo kit doing 450 at the flywheel. Even so, NA guys are only getting around 320 ATW on a Dyno Jet in the US & that's with long tubes & all the Fruit, etc. If you assume a 20% loss, so 450 - 90 = 360. Still, thats 40 hp more than so called bolt ons will get you. Getting that power NA is not cheap either.
  4. Define "this power level"? Nitrous on the street, bit to much F & F I think.
  5. I have 245's on my Massey Ferguson & they look pretty good. Damn City Boys.
  6. What gives with the Brembo stickers on your Akebono Calipers? I guess they match your Racing Stripe. Noice.
  7. No Mate, its simply not possible. unless you can cut the valve body in half. As far as your Mazda Lysholm screw goes, there would be sfa chance of getting that to fit with the available space, its simply the wrong shape. Whether or not its flow delivery is spec'd right for this this engine too is a whole other kettle of fish. Your comment on the Vortech kinda worries me too. Over the years I have seen some pretty decent custom single turbo setups on this platform & even custom twins, but trust me they weren't cheap, which is why they actually worked so well. Unfortunately with this platform its more about whats possible, than what you personally think is the best option. Pretty much every scenario you can come up with ,someone has considered it before & decided against it. You are not going to find some magic silver bullet idea to do any sort of decent custom setup without an absolute f**k load of time & money to throw at it. You also have to consider the effect on the reliability of your engine with something that has been cobbled together, there is much more to this than simply having a way to get compressed air into the engine. I have spent my life time doing this sort of crap & i'm nearly 60, trust me, been there done that. On the other hand nothing would make me happier than if you could build a $5000 Turbo kit for your Car, do it & prove me wrong, i'll me the first to shake your hand.
  8. Yea, the Boosted Performance kit has been around for quite a while now. With the newer V2 kit no piping goes through the RHS of the Motor, so no issues with the steering nuckle. The issue is, he has the turbo mounted on the RHS & the air cleaner sits in where the steering knuckle is. Sasha will never do an Auto as there is simply not enough room for the Turbo with the pan from the trans. His earlier 350Z kits had the Turbo mounted behind the Trans where there is more room if it were an Auto. If you are really wanting to do this on a tight budget, have you considered using stock R35 GTR Turbos with a Manifold adapter plate. Stock parts can be had very cheap as there is no market for them with the GTR Guys. With work, you can use the Intercoolers, turbo's, injectors, most of the Piping. HK Power in Germany have been doing this for a few years now & recently a fellow on The370Z did his own version that worked well. P.S. most people on here are aware of this info, but good luck with what you are attempting, I still really feel you are not aware of complexity & true costs of what you are trying to do. Have you considered a Used Stillen supercharger Kit from the US, they have come a long way in regard to performance & reliability with the A2A kit. I can put you onto a Guy who will be selling one in around 6 months in Melbourne if you are interested.
  9. So if you are to, as you say "avoid brand names at all cost", how do you tell which of the non branded parts such as the turbo kits I linked to above are the good ones, & which are the crap ones. Do they just have lesser known brands on them. Or do you go cheap but just not the cheapest. Just asking.
  10. Here you go Champ, right up your alley. Single Turbo, no brand name parts, just good old fashioned Chinese goodness & just over $1000au. I reckon you could build something really great with these parts. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Universal-T3-T4-Turbo-Turbocharger-Kit-Blue-for-350Z-Z33-Nismo-370Z-Z34-G35-G37-/263005348096?hash=item3d3c572100:g:CR0AAOSwH09ZKHXp Or the Twin Turbo version http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/JDM-SUPER-TWIN-TURBO-KIT-FOR-350Z-370Z-SUPRA-300ZX-3000GT-NSX-GTR-G35-TT-G37-R35-/401365861316?hash=item5d734503c4:g:egYAAOSwggpZb~pR
  11. Sorry to be so harsh bud, but it really sounds like you don't have a clue what your doing. For example "as its a single turbo so use basic single plumbing in/out. Keep stock air intakes" erm No. I think you need to do a bit more research. 5K + labour, I'd like to see that.
  12. Go to here. http://nissan.epc-data.com/ & start searching, start with ckv36. They are listed under the accessory section B85. I recently replaced one of my sensors.
  13. No need to be like what, you asked the question. Sorry if my answer was not what you wanted. I was merely pointing out that decent suspension components aren't cheap, particularly if you want a tailored result, such as a comfortable 50mm drop.
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