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  1. Seems I chimed in late on this one, but I have had the same issue on 3 PFC's... One was in a 33 GTST & I have had a standard PFC & DJetro in my 32 GTR & they all did it. Having said that it is so infrequent that I'm really not bothered about it.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys - looks like I need to order my wheels then. Time to banish to stock ones!
  3. Thanks dude - what size tyres you running?
  4. Is anyone using this size wheel on their R32 GTR? If so what size tyres are you using? I have been told that they may foul the rear guards & I'm not keen on rolling the lips to fir the wheels in. Thanks, Mike.
  5. See the same on mine - generally reads around 25 degrees above the reading you get from the ambient temp sensor. Note that after driving off boost for quite a while I gave it a good squirt (i.e. on boost for around 15 secs) & it dropped 7 degrees in that time.
  6. I put a set of H4's in my car & got a set of H1's for a mate, but when we pulled his globes out we realised that the holder for the globes would not suit the HID kit so we left it at that. To be honest, the globes havent even been out of the holders - we could see from the design of the base on the orignal globe holder that the HID was never going to fit so we left it at that. This kit is brand new. Pm me & I will give you my mobile number. I am in the northern suburbs. Cheers, Mike.
  7. I got a set of these off Bankids last week to go on a mates car but due to the setup for the globe we cannot install the HID kit. It is still brand new - just compared the globes & realised that we could not get them in... Need to recoup my money so they are $220. Cheers, Mike.
  8. Paid my deposit & double checked my globes - definately H4 stamped on the globe (R32 N1 Headlights - different to normal ones;)). Need to confirm brightness though - not quite getting the drift of the ratings... Also, what wa the all-up price for the H4s?
  9. Checked mine out - I am H4 (bugger!) & would be after 8000K (I guess) but the question I have is are they really bright on low beam as well?
  10. For $200 I'd be keen as well...now I just need to work out which type of lights I have...
  11. Got a spare AFM if anyone needs one:confused: $100 & its yours.
  12. Hmmm...already told you what I reckon Chris - just stretch the budget a bit more;)
  13. Got a pic of the 'standard guages' ? Very interested - tried to PM but wouldnt work...
  14. Can't answer your question Chris, but would it be fair to assume you are looking to get another Skyline?
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