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  1. My bad, I meant Ecotherm. The Eco-Therm fluid management system was originally invented by Melbourne’s John Bennet, although various specialists including John Eleuteri from Guildford Radiators in WA have now picked up on the idea. Eco-Therm sees the vehicle’s standard thermostat removed and placed in a directional flow control (DFC) unit complete with venturis. During engine warm up, the coolant is simply by-passed through this DFC to another similar unit and then back to the engine. At operating temperature however, the thermostat in the DFC opens. But instead of going straight to the radiator, the coolant goes first to a header tank where steam and bubbles are bled off. The hot liquid is then transferred to the radiator, which can work at optimum efficiency because of the lack of conventional steam and bubbles. Essentially, Eco-Therm reduces cavitation and hence makes a significant contribution to engine cooling. The system also requires modifications to the vehicle’s water pump impellors, in order to produce a quicker coolant flow.
  2. Nice work! Typical - cops don't want to do anything but don't you dare do something yourself. I'm sick of hearing about excuses from Police like 'they haven't done anything serious/it's pointless you'll never get your gear back/you know we'll never catch them/do you really need Police to attend there's not much we can do'. Neighbour's letter box got absolutely blown to pieces about 2 years ago. They were away so other neighbour and I called the cops and got the 'do you really need Police to attend' line. I said yes - some guy is up for $$$ for a new letter box and if there is no show from you guys it sends the wrong message. Even though most of us rightly support the cops, sometimes they use too many excuses and we lose sight of the fact that it's actually their job to provide a service payed for by our taxes. Heard the arguments about understaffing etc and I really don't care - more people demanding the service that should be given rather than the one that the cops want to give will result in clear stats that argue for more cops. Except highway patrol of course. Rant over.
  3. Hi Roy; Are you certain that it's radiator capacity - or lack thererof - that's making it marginal after fitting the new front bar, or that increased rad capacity will fix it ? It might be a weakness elsewhere that the new bar has exposed, and that another rad won't fix. I did a lot of experimentation with cooling when I had a Jensen Interceptor with a 440ci Chrysler big block, no room in the engine bay and absolutely crap aero around the engine, a real nightmare even with a huge radiator. Luckily I hooked up with a guy named John Bennet who you may have heard of - he was/is making Ecotech water pumps for chevs/fords etc n Melb. He proved to me using a perspex backed pump and electric motor that that original pumps were awful; they either cavitate most of the time or actually reverse flow. A lot of people payed mega $ for new radiators - one guy with an HQ ute and a BB chev had two rads and 4 thermo fans and it still boiled. New pump and no more prob. That said I think the Nissan has an OK pump but I'd suggest finding the weakest link in the cooling system first, before spending $$$ on a new rad. Jensen owners were always getting bigger radiators in an effort to stop overheating and it did bugger all. The real problem with them was that the engine sits almost horizontal and the air in the system gets trapped in the block - instant boiling. I fixed mine by relocating the thermostat to the bottom radiator hose and using a de-aeration tank plumbed into an external thermostat bypass. And it would not overheat. Sorry for the long post, just wanted to share my experience. Cheers
  4. Very nice indeed. Any idea who makes it? I did a Google search and came with a website that suggests another 'Peter Brock' was responsible for the design of the Cobra Daytona. Some coincidence. http://www.secondstrike.com/Coupe/Brock.htm
  5. A mate got the same response from the cops when his house was egged and I thought WTF? The trick apparently is to report it as property damage and then they have to at least record it but they still don't want to take it seriously. Good point re egging the cops, I'm sure they'd do something then. I agree with your friend, it's not funny and a sh&tfull thing to do.
  6. i sense a trap...if the pattern is the same that's making it easy any idea about the hub diameter?
  7. Thanks Bunta, was looking good until it told me that it won't support Me or Win98. I'm soooo close...will se if I can get it on the laptop which has Win2000. Must be worth it...
  8. Thanks, tried that but can't find a website - just says 'not found'. Nothing on Google either. Any idea what programme is uses? Cheers
  9. Hi Geoff; I like the idea of this type of set up. just one question though; possibly cams?
  10. thanks benm, downloaded ok. but now it seems to play but there's no picture. anyone got any ideas? cheers
  11. guys is this still working? windows media player starts OK and says 'connecting...', bathurst91divx appears on the playlist and there appears to be internet activity but no data transfer. cheers
  12. i looked into this once. calipers can be made to fit if, as Ronin said, you get the right brackets made. brembo will not sell you the bracket alone (bugger!). there is not much difference in offset apparently between the skyline disc (GTR anyway) and the falcoon one. but you'll need to make sure the hub locator is the same diameter and the stud pattern is redrilled because i don't think it's the same. and for the improvement in braking you're likely to experience unless you're going on the track, it's a lot of stuffing around. and that's before you even consider the rears and the changes to the handbrake assembly etc. that's why the brembo upgrade is easiest/popular. unless of course you are Ronin and have APs . they are nothing but trouble - you need to sell them to me
  13. youse are all missing the point an' doin it the hard way. lissen to tha experts an buy wun of my kits off of ebay. fully sik, chromed port and polishing machines. can use gravel too, valves crush it and it gives ya a new valve job at tha same time. buy it now for $800, garunteed 120rwkw gain or refund. think it ova...
  14. it's easy but better if you have a hoist. pull the old one off, fit the new one makng sure the two halves of the shaft mate back together the way they came off, and that's it. be careful to orient the bearing correctly ie the front goes to the front from memory it's a white dot that denotes it. make sure also that you mark the flange alignments on the box and diff with the ones on the shaft as they have different bolt patterns at each end and can be a bugger to lign up if you don't. cheers
  15. blonde girl driving very clean looking burgundy R33 about 7 ish tonight on lanyon heading towards monaro hwy
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