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  1. Im just stating what i have experienced
  2. I had the same problem with my GTR and found it was the fuel pump control module in the boot was starting to die
  3. Great thread! Any reason why the 2.8 was removed?
  4. Hey mate, great build! Does the high octane extended sump clear with the under tray on?
  5. Hey mate, ive got one. send me a pm
  6. Thanks guys, all sorted. Admin please close.
  7. Hi, Just trying to find a set of HKS 2530 or -5 turbo's. Items will be rebuilt so do not need to be in good condition. Thanks
  8. 24812AA400 this is the part code for the 99 (goldish) bezel
  9. i mean the bezel that sites in front of the gauges behind that clear cover
  10. Hey mate you can by the dark silver (vspec2) new from nissan
  11. I bought a LED flare which is pretty cool.
  12. You after vspec or non vspec cluster?
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