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  1. Thanx mate how should I use the clutch of the line,I'm not after the fastest Time but I don't want it bog down either.
  2. Just found out more info on the clutch it's a gmax or something like that!
  3. Hi guys I'm just after some opinions on wether my gtr will handell a few launches at my local drag strip it's got standard gear underneath, a nismo twin plate clutch that got new plates about 7,000kms ago b4 I bought it so I'm not sure if it's a supercoppermix one or if there are any other kind out there the motor is pushing out about 350awkw how mutch does the standard driveline handell and will the clutch handell the launches With only road tyers thanx to all that answer my question
  4. what mechanic would people recommend to check it out in melb
  5. hi guys my mates r33 gtr is only driving from the rear wheels lots of fun but he wants to know what might be the problem we live down in portland and there isnt anyone around here that knows what there talking about is there any common problems with the attesa system in the r33
  6. hey guys and gals ive been a member on the forum for a while now but don't get to much time on the net so here goes i live in portland vic with my wife and little girl ive had the r32 gtr for a while now and im just starting to fix things up a bit now slowly but shorley its got a set of hks 2530's tomie cams and cam adjusters forged pistons alloy radiator apexi power fc hks boost controler and old school mines boost gage bigger intercooler and full 4inch exuast just need some dump pipes though all done about 7000kms ago b4 i bought it i havn't had it on a dyno yet so im not to sure what kind of power it putting out but i already what more to feed the hunger thanx for reading ne way scott
  7. dose anyone have a diagram of how to plumb up a oil cathcan for an rb26 thanx in advance
  8. who uses motul oil in there rb26 what do you think and wheres the best place to get it at a good price and what do you pay?
  9. hey guys in need some ideas for my boot don't know what to do! some pics would be sweet.
  10. how much will it cost me to get a good respray in the same color and also to get rid of some rust ive got around the quartr windows and a little near the top of the front window?
  11. whats the best way to gat a cage made 4 my r32 gtr and how much might it cost not a full one just matbe a half cage or somthing of the shelf maybe?
  12. looks awsome wjat are the plans when its finished track car,drift car or what?
  13. hey guys just wondering if its worthwile getting rid of the hicus in my r32 gtr pros and cons of keeping it and getting rid of it and what some of you guys have done.
  14. hey guys who's heading over from vic i'm keen for a road trip if i can get the funds together i live in little old portland down the west coast of vic so i could meet some along the way on the friday keen as for this event as i would be my first since i got the my r32GTRhttp://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif
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