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    Would love a local to buy these rotors name ur price Guys and yes no ridiculous offers please .
  2. $640 now🚀Prefer local pick up now
  3. G’day mate , was wondering if you wanted to buy my brake rotors , down to $600 now for full set .


  4. Rb26 Gtr turbos 2860 -9 with hks actuators. Estimated usage 2000 kms on them , min shaft play , Comes with some gaskets Change of direction as I’m going single turbo . Asking $1100 Pm if interested 🚀
  5. Ok guys someone buy these puppies , now $650 otherwise I will keep them .
  6. Now $900 delivered Need these gone .
  7. IHI all, These are super rare originally purchased two full sets of these five years ago , just prior to the new (current ) curved slotted rotor coming out . I have no use for one full set (front and rear ) , they have been in storage since . Boxes only opened for display . Features: * Patented "Kangaroo Paw" ventilation design * Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP) * Minimal bedding-in of rotors * 6x6 "wiper-slot" design maintains consistent brake friction and a cleaner disc rotor surface * Directional slotted design (Left-hand and right-hand rotors) * Gunmetal grey paint provides better corrosion protection * Thermo-Graphic paint markings for temperature monitoring * Rapidly expels friction gases * Also available in standard finish (non-slotted) for production car racing DBA4929SL /R. DBA4928/SL/R. will fit the following: Skyline R32 GT-R RB26DETT 8/1993-12/94 Skyline R33, R34 GT-R RB26DETT 1/1995-on Skyline R33, R34 GT-R V-Spec Asking $1k delivered to most places in Australia . Pm me if interested. Thanks , Mark
  8. I bought my wife a new 2016 Discovery 4 , sure its her shopping trolley through the week but on weekends we give our LR4 a hammering off road through Saunders Gorge . The airbag suspension totally rocks
  9. I love it , looks great inside and out , does 0-100 kph in 4 seconds , i wouldn't say no as a shopping trolley for the misses .

    I have a Koyo rad in my R34 GTR from Just Jap for 6 years now - no problems at all stays cool iz bro
  11. Great review Christian Agree Its well overpriced for the base model 63k , i would prefer the M3 V8 E92 for that money . Did the Transmission shift down quick in sport+ ?