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  1. Umm that's disappointing I was hoping a direct fit since it's marked specifically designed for R34 GTT... Is there alternative out there that can gauranty zero modification? Just find this on ebay. Is this sufficient to shield the heat and also no defect from the cops? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BLACK-Pod-Air-Filter-Heat-Shield-Skyline-R32-R33-R34-/380430062935?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item5893661557
  2. I'm looking for a air box that replace the stock one directly that shields the pod filter. Just wondering if anyone has experience with this one selling by Justjap? I've searched forum but didnt find anything. http://justjap.com/store/product.php?productid=17670&cat=381&page=1 I'm look for one that can replace the stock without any modification would be appreciated if anyone has any suggestions.
  3. LoL well there's no point to spend money on things that I will not use and takes my storage space isn't it?
  4. Interested in the one without gutter rash to replace one of my current ones that has gutter rash
  5. Any idea if the Rays forged wheel will fit on a R34 GTT and how will it look?
  6. What a bargain! Suitable for any GTT with stock wheels that need to replace tyres...
  7. @SliverS2 I totally agree. We should have threads here list those "reputable" mechanics that does not try to rob your hard earned money... and those mechanics that try to charge you 3 times of what the job should really cost... Maybe a list for a reasonable price you should expect for different mechanic jobs...
  8. OK the guy charged me $140 including new bolts and nuts. I still think I got over charged by a little. He actually left the car on jack so I could inspect the work. It seems very straight forward to me. All hangers and connectors fit perfectly to the car there's nothing special you need to do you bolt them on. The pipe that coming out of turbo's waste gate (or engine?) that connects to the front of the dump pipe was not hard to reach at all... especially if you could stand under the car! This is definitely a job around $100 don't get fooled by those untrustworthy mechanics they will just BS their way out and hoping that they could catch a fish...
  9. Thanks guys. I just took the car to a mechanic around the area that I didn't call in the morning and he looked at the pipes quoted me $80-$160 for the job which is equivalent to 1-2 hours work which I think at least is reasonable base on your help. He doesn't want me to stay there to watch him and ask me to pick up later. I think he probably just want to take "as long as he wants" and charge me more later... somehow I feel very hard to trust any mechanics.... I will let you know how much in the end.
  10. Actually the quotes I got from mufflers are generally higher than normal mechanics. I got a quote from a normal mechanics for $100 but needs to wait till next week. Everywhere else gave me ridiculous quotes. I'm Sydney is that "local" to you?
  11. Umm looks like there's no honest mechanics any more around my area these days....
  12. How long do you reckon to replace the whole thing Bsa?
  13. That's what I thought too. One end of the dump pipe is connected to cat already and the other end just need 5 bolts. Every mechanic I called tells me how hard it is to connect it to the turbo but isn't it as simple as just tighten the 5 bolts? I would have given it a crack myself if I got all the tools :-(
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