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  1. Sound is there still when warm. Yeh ill try that after i take the cover off ! Ill take a video on cold start and hot idle for oil pressure soon Im having a hard time removing the plastic cover the protects the vct cable from hitting the fan... not as easy as the videos say it is I hate old plastic !! they said flick it forwards..nope.. pull it upwards, nope.. the metal bracket its sitting on is starting to flex outwards :/. I really dont want to forcibly remove it. dont think its ever been removed.
  2. Oil pressure was just under 8kg/cm2(full) on cold start, comes down to just under 4 on idle. I wont get time till tomorrow to take the cover off and have a look. I can hear it on idle but very very softly. Ill let you know how it goes! Just started this topic in case someone else has this issue also. Thanks !
  3. Thanks for the replies guys! I just checked then, and there is definitely no noise underneath.. I know what knocking sounds like but this sound more like a bearing or something in the front thats revolutionary, its under the timing cover im pretty sure.. this thing has only done 85k kms so id hate to think it was knocking already, especially driving around on stock boost and very well maintained(well.... apart form this). ive only hit the limiter in this 3 times in 11 years, i did get shit for buying a skyline and not hammering it... not even a single burnout lol. oh na dont hold back on me, go hard as. :)
  4. Hey all! First time posting, so I hope I've done it correctly I got a nice rattle happening but never noticed it before. Engine has low kms but haven't done the timing belt yet :p. It has sat around for a couple years but always started and moved around every week and kept garaged, so I'm assuming its something timing belt related. I took a quick video to help.. I swear it has done this since 39kms. https://youtu.be/kLM67uO0H8g https://youtube.com/shorts/YIZLiaYrHpQ?feature=share Hope im allowed to post these as I keep getting server error when trying to attach a file... even upload a profile pic Thanks
  5. Yeh mate I just put some in my R33 gtst today and noticed the valve noise but I'm yet to drive it so i'll let you know... How has yours been so far ?? didn't blow up or anything ?
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