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  1. I actually got the RROD, with expired warrenty... So went and bought an elite with four games for $317 at ebgames today. Not a bad deal.
  2. Did ya end up finding one? I need a white R34 bonnet....
  3. I was parked in town today and unfortunately returned to my car with an ugly dent at the front of my bonnet, on my gtt. Looks like a wanker with a tow ball reversed into it. It's the size of a golf ball and has scratched off a bit of paint. Does anyone have any idea how much it should cost to fix? Grr!
  4. A wee bit of sarcasm intended. Just so ya know.
  5. I think i was most of the way through ME1 a couple of months before ME2 came out... i couldn't resist once i seen it for sale the other day. I'm always doing crazy shit like this...
  6. I'm hoping the mighty sainters make a good go of it again this year, although it will be difficult getting excited with a win, knowing losing last years premiership was only the third loss for the year. Pretty ghey.
  7. Hi- I'd like 1XNISMO BADGE SILVER (SILVER DOT) thanks. Please let me know your email address, as i can't PM. Cheers.
  8. For Sale! '96 r33 gtst White Auto 4 door Unmodified Enkei wheels 140000km's Very good condition! $8900 ono Launceston, Tasmania. Cheers!
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