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  1. Anymore info about the car mate... kms, mods etc. Thanks
  2. You could try a truck spares place, ive heard places like diesel spares etc have them.
  3. The fact is that at the moment there are no significant long term solutions, yes there have been substantial increases in alternative fuel technologies but these are far from a major production stage. Especially if we have people complaingin about power reductions of ethanol there is no way hydogen combustion engines will be widely accepted by the general public. Ethanol is just a band-aid while there is R & D in the area, lets face it petroleum fuels is the major source of energy of the world, once it runs out it runs out. With the addition of bio-fuel or mixes we may prolong this giving us a further time to develop our technologies while at the same time creating a cleaner and more productive fuel. As for fuel consumtion, the large concern is with carbie engines, a fuel injected engine will have an increase of 2% yes thats 10L/100km to 10.2L/100km and the conversion to the petrol bowser your still going to be coming out ahead at the end of the day. Id rather have $6 extra in my pocket everytime i fill up the money adds, maybe $300+ a year if u fillup once a week. There are system analysis to show the positive and negative sides to the arguement but the fact is the government releases very few of them but it would be safe to say at the present time australia would already have an easy capacity to produce 200+ million litres of ethanol per year, and this is a more sustainable market than the sugar industry atm, but remember its not only the sugar industry there are many other crops that a simply thrown away as they are not deemed good enough quality for the market. At the end of the day though everybody thinks about themselves consumer will worry about what effect they will see on their car business what will it do to its profit and so on, policy is not always introduced as it is the best thing there are many other factors ($$$$$ lining big business pocket being the big one)
  4. Could try Yahoo Japan auctions if you dont mind getting something second hand. Youve got to remember that you have to pay for the shipping + tax + all the efort of finding something so just weigh it up before you buy to see whether its cheaper here or there.
  5. The major source of ethanol is actually the refinement of sugar cane, at the moment alot if not most of the ethanol produced as a byproduct has minimal use and is wasted. So positive number one, ethanol blends will add to the australian economy, as the sugar industry is currently not really worth jack due to many reasons. Second positive ethanol actually is a higher RON than petroleum products, i think its about 114 and has much better combustion properties. Although with higher blends there is an increased fuel consumption but we are talking very minimal and with a low blend like E10 you most probably wont even notice it. The reason for this is just a tuning problem same as if you tried to run your car on avgas its not tuned for it therefore cant take advantage of it. Yes the properties have some down sides though, ethanol may eat so to speak through rubber but again in such low blends as E10 i doubt we will really see this. There are rubbers that are now in use that are inert to these properties, hence the car manufacturers saying the use is accepted. Tthey have been around for a long time though and i am of the opinion the only reason they were not used is cost cutting. Also you have the issue that ethanol will absorb water vapour but seeing though our fuel systems are closed systems i dont see a problem here. So really ethanol has its ups and downs like everything but in my opinion the ups strongly outway the downs. Sure, the reduction in petrol prices will be small but money in your pocket is money in your pocket right? All i would suggest is like normal you dont pay attention to any of the crap on any current affair programs as they most the time are purely uneducated or biased opinions, just do a bit of research for yourself and decide for yourself what you think.
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