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  1. Maaaateee! Thanks a bundle! Cheers, JB
  2. Hey Team, Need help please . I've dinged my Series 2 GT-R R33. BUT it has a Series3 Front end. The repairer can't order parts without a Vin form a Series 3. If they order from mine it will be wrong Can anyone give me theirs please? Cheers, James
  3. $150 Posted? Low I know, but it's just for the hectic sounds for a laugh. Cheers, JB
  4. nsw/act 

    OHHGHHH Dangggggggg. Wish I still owned my Sonic Silver S2 4door. Great Cars. Spend 3K and do an M5 conversion for those that are looking. money well spent and a great car...
  5. RB26dETT Team, I currently have an N1 oil pump, but understand that they can be unreliable in an RB26DETT. Are the Tomie Oil Pumps still the way to go for an RB26DETT as per previous threads? The engine is out. Should I upgrade? Thanks. JB
  6. Bargain!
  7. @PN-Mad Probably at some stage, but that was another white 33 in the clip. Cool car you have there!
  8. Like you would imagine
  9. SAU Track day at Eastern Creek. Amazeballs circuit.. So different to Wakefield.
  10. OK Team, Here is a Vid. Lot's still to learn on that track, but I must say EPIC! @deongster there is heaps of you in here... enjoyed the duel you maniac!! Once again, thanks SAU team for an awesome day. GIVE IT THE BEANS!
  11. What an amazing Track! Scary as for the 1st time. Those blind crests and double apex corners... Wow!! Enjoyed it, but the car was a bunch of balls unfortunately on the day. Thanks to the SAU team who made it happen. Here is the pic of Daisy ATM... Gearboxout... dang. I'll try and get some Video up of a few ok laps! Great to meet some of you guys! James
  12. Thanks Joshua for the response. I've just picked up a silicon one, but if anyone has an oem one they have no use for, please let me know! Cheers.
  13. Desperately Nedded. Rubber Intercooler Pipe RB26 Hey Team, Desperately need a rubber intercooler pipe for an RB26DETT. Mine has a crack in it. Don't have time to order one by post as I have a track day on Monday. Does anyone have one floating around please? I'm either willing to purchase for $$ or even borrow and we can work out some beer etc. Pic attached. Thanks, James