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  1. there is plenty of break in advice on these forums. try a search.
  2. when i cleaned my shitbox i, drowned it in degreaser blasted it senseless with a high pressure water cleaner left it to dry. key here, left it to dry. didnt wet the batt and kept the ignition off. ran fine first go after that. might have even got a whole 1fwkw from the effort!! but yeah, i wouldnt exactly say my method was the best....
  3. my mate was in vic for about 2 years, but could have the car because of his qld licence and it was registered here. he fell asleep on a long drive that he should have stopped during and did some damage. dont know how this affected his insurance, but he was only 19 at the time iirc. he is still paying a shitload for a since-bought-unmodified-car (cept stereo which we did) and insurance is still killing him.
  4. i figured the bit in there on how to "tune" it may have helped with the "backfire/stalling" issues you mentioned, but if not, and you cant get a spacific set of install instructions, look up your closest import workshop and see what they have to say....
  5. well i guess im not speaking from experience in my situation. but my best mate is in the army and bought a r33 gts-t as his first car. hey pays ~650 a month in repayments and does earn a fair bit (~46kyr) and along with living expenses it can be hard for him at times to "enjoy himself". along with the cost of tires, insurance (he's had 2 accidents, 1 at fault but only his car involved) and fuel it can be hard for "average" wage earners to own such a car. that said, if you manage your money just a little bit and plan ahead, you can own one on shit money, but you dont want to be paying for repairs, insurance and loans.....
  6. this may be of no use to you what-so-ever, but then again, it might be.
  7. i too would have to agree that your getting a little ahead of yourself. i still have a shitty little hatch that i paid 2k for, and have been saving like crazy for a while, and still dont plan to get a line' for another year. but thats only cause i will pay cash for it, screw having a loan + insurance + rego, i dont think i could do it even if i tried. but save then purchase outright and things are alot easier, all the spare money you can throw at mods too if thats your thing. currently the closest thing ive come to "looking" is seeing what the going price is for what level of modification. oh, and trying to snap up good deals on parts for the mods i want to do till i can get my own, i will just have to drive my mates
  8. off the top of my head. the two use different types of AFM's. but i havnt seen the second type before. steve.
  9. any other mods required to the tensioners etc?? or just straight on with everything in the std position? PS ima gunna die if sydneykid doesnt empty his pm in box soon :bonk:
  10. if you have either of these manuals, live in bris, and are willing to lend them for about a week please PM me, or reply here and i will get back to you. i will give some kind of collateral, or a deposit if you wish, cash is obviously NOT preffered as i dont want any dodgy things happening to any money.... i would like to *cough* look *cough* at them for my planned engine build. thanks.
  11. thanks Al are there many good tuners in qld, mainly brisbane for the wolf?? ive heard there are plenty in WA, and that the PFC is the preferred one of the eastern states.... what about self tuning? basic tuning, not pro stuff, just for getting it to a safe lvl to DRIVE to the pro tuner shop?? planning on some upgrades which wont be done near a tuning shop and havent touched on the tuning side of things at all. p.s. utter I.T. geek here, learning software/interface is no challange
  12. are there standalone/external knock sensors available ?
  13. the Wolf3D sounds like a really good deal. Is it a straight swap for the factory ecu like the PFC is?? and could you get an external knock sensor for it for tuning?
  14. mates 93 has 3 in the back.... lump is geh
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