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  1. Joel could you post a pic of the front bar? I will take Front bar, rear bar and side skirts if you have them. Pls let me know, money waiting!!
  2. I have taken all my inspiration for the new look from Kris Andersons A31 and I have ordered a Autech Replica kit, I am undecided on colour STILL and the more I think about it the more I dont know! Definete plans are as follows, swap the rear subframe out for a Non-Hicas S13 one and while Im at it I will polybush everything front and back, plus probably buy a driftworks adjustable arms package! A quick spec list is as follows Full RB25DET boosting @0.7bar making 336.7 hp RB25 gearbox Japspeed D1 Intercooler Tein coilovers all round KAAZ 2way Diff 3" Turbo elbow, downpipe, decat and 3" Apexi cat back exhaust 5 stud R32 Skyline brake conversion Front strut bar Bride semi-bucket seat Clear indicators all round HID driving lights and fog lights All front arms fully adjustable. Anyway im dragging this on a bit so il finish off by showing you how she sits at the moment, and hopefully by involving myself with some other Cefiro lovers this will motivate me to finish this beast!! Since then I have stripped the wings, all door locks and rubber seals, ready to be sanded and primed! Wish me luck haha.
  3. So after driving her like that for about 8 months I decided to go for wide with lots of dish! So I bought some ridiculously wide Weds 18x11.5 -5 for the rear and painted up my old rears blue and stuck a 25mill spacer on the front!! After all the cutting of the arches all I fiberglassed on some JUN arches and then she looked like this! The more I look back the more I think I should have left her the way she was and painted the arches but I got sick of not being able to get it on the ramp, not being able to go lower because of the hoovercraft kit so decided to go in a different direction!!
  4. Well I got this car 3 years ago, and I drove it as a daily driver for about a year, although with petrol here in Ireland at €1.65 a litre it soon left me very poor! I loved the car but had to get a sensible daily, I left the car lying up and as with anything the longer you leave it the more it deterioates. So I have finally got the finger out and decided its been too long this machine has been sitting idle and she will be ready to go for summer 2013. Il include some pics from over the years and changes she went through, here are pics of her in the very early days when I only had her 2 months maybe,
  5. Ha I know, pain in the ass alright!! Just mine got the horrible dash bubble and all the plastic is cracking!! I got it flocked like a rally car but that started to peel aswell!!
  6. Pic of the complete dash please? Also gearstick and stereo plastic surrounds would be good!
  7. I would take the gearstick plastic surround aswell as the plastic surround for the radio. Picture of Origin roof spoiler would be nice too!
  8. Need to finish rear arches, save money for simillar fronts and get a roof spoiler!!
  9. By any chance would you be breaking the car, if you would consider it, i would take the front and rear bumpers plus skirts off you!! Really want to go back to stock body!!
  10. Personally Peter I think this looks the dogs!! Im act considering doing this myself as soon as I have any sort of cash!!
  11. How many?? I have 3 gauges in the same place in my current dash!! Any chance I could see a pic of ur dash, I might be interested!
  12. Can a R32 Gts-t dashboard be fitted to the A31 without much modding? ***Has anyone got a full cefiro dash for sale?
  13. Do you have the complete dash?? Dont need any gauge clusters or heating insruments, just the dash
  14. Well boys and girls im having a small problem with traction, I know its a drift car but the car simply has no traction and should reli be a little more "grippier" Its alligned correctly, but the garage belive its a camber problem, well based suspicion as the inside of the tyre is bald and outside is like new, so I want to put it back to original camber. Anyone know what that is??
  15. A picture says a thousand words my friend!!
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