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  1. hi everyone looking to buy r33 s1 headligths
  2. parts needed help

    1. outbackskyline


      ser 1 bonet


      drivers side morrir

  3. stil after a bonnet and headlights

  4. outbackskyline

    my skyline

    skyline at home
  5. after a s1 bonnet and headlights the old man hit a cow

  6. after a s1 bonnet and headlights the old man hit a cow

  7. hi all and thanks for the help mad082.it was the crank gear woodruff key.do you know where i can buy a new woodruff key and a crank gear.i know i cant spell but i needed help so i will try my hand at writing.
  8. hi all i had my r33 s1 at the shop and he cant fix it the only way it will start is if the cam ses is all the way to the right.new cam ses,new coil packs,new plug set to .8.the shop check the timing and it set.all help would be great and thank
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