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  1. @Vulture Motorsport @VultureMotorsport Still supplying intercoolers? I'm keen on a 600x300x76, pref with a turned back outlet for a return set up. But will make do with a standard exit.
  2. Only way to do it is call the financier. I work in asset finance. I can guarantee it's the only way cause every lender is different.
  3. If you ever get pulled over and the copper questions it, just say you ferry back to Vic regularly to see family.
  4. My dad lives in NSW and his car is registered in Vic. Has been for 10 years. Heck we had a car registered in QLD that we drove in Vic for 15 years without issue as well. You don't really need to change the rego. No one will give a shit.
  5. Will you be visiting Victoria regularly by any chance? "Yes officer, I've moved to Tasmania but I catch the ferry back to Victoria every month or so to visit family and for work." And leave it registered in Vic.
  6. I just went through this. Ended up getting a Nismo Coppermix twin from RHD Japan. Very happy. I had an Exedy twin in it before that. Wasn't a big fan and it didn't last, even with only 245rwkw.
  7. Bwaaaaahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! VW = quality....that's HILARIOUS!!!!
  8. CVTs are awesome. I'd give the Levorg a test. Otherwise wagons have been killed by the SUV crew. Shame, I love wagons.
  9. What spec in particular? Can you please post the VIN?
  10. Brilliant cars. Factory service intervals are 10,000ks.
  11. I play this with G29 on PC. The f**king oversteer out of corners drives me mental. Turn in fine, through corner fine, coming out, wooooop, here comes the tail and there's nothing I can f**king do to catch it! Oh look, I'm nosed into the wall at a right angle. After doing some Googling it would seem this is a very, VERY common issue. The rear needs to be catchable. As it is now the moment it starts to go you're a passenger. I do like Nurburgring in a V8 Supercar though....right up until the rear overtakes the nose
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