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  1. 1 hour ago, Michael33 said:

    No.  I need to transfer the registration to Tas. Maybe even a Tas license.

    Dont want to abandon my 33 at all. Sad.



    My dad lives in NSW and his car is registered in Vic.  Has been for 10 years.  Heck we had a car registered in QLD that we drove in Vic for 15 years without issue as well.  You don't really need to change the rego.  No one will give  a shit.

  2. On 7/23/2018 at 2:15 PM, alex182 said:

    If you're looking new, I'd be looking at a Skoda Superb 162TSI or 206TSI.

    Same engine as the Golf (the 206 gets the Golf GTI engine!), built by Volkswagen so build quality is there.  Cheaper than its Volkswagen brethren.

    Get it in battleship grey and check the tech pack option for the adaptive suspension... gosh I'm getting heavy just thinking about it.

    The 206 is awd only though, 162 is FWD. Gearbox is a proper dual-clutch automatic.

    Skodas definitely don't get enough praise.

    Bwaaaaahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! VW = quality....that's HILARIOUS!!!!

  3. I play this with G29 on PC.  The f**king oversteer out of corners drives me mental.  Turn in fine, through corner fine, coming out, wooooop, here comes the tail and there's nothing I can f**king do to catch it!  Oh look, I'm nosed into the wall at a right angle.

    After doing some Googling it would seem this is a very, VERY common issue.

    The rear needs to be catchable. As it is now the moment it starts to go you're a passenger.

    I do like Nurburgring in a V8 Supercar though....right up until the rear overtakes the nose


  4. For simplicity go internal.

    External means you'll need a new manifold, dump pipe, wastegate, plumbing so on and so forth.  To go drive in drive out with a new external gated turbo you're probably talking $6k including turbo.  To do it internal you're looking at half that including turbo. (That's JUST to buy the turbo and have it fitted - NOTHING ELSE)

    Note, you're going to need a hell of a lot more than just a turbo to hit your power goal.

    350kw is going to be a $10k-$15k spend.










    Fuel pump

    Fitting parts



    I suggest you stop worrying about specifics, ie. which turbo, and spend the next 6 months reading and researching these forums as to what you're getting yourself into.  It's clear you have absolutely no idea so you need to research like a madman.

    Start researching for a well regarded workshop near you who you will get to do the actual work and then work with them, as well as what you can learn here, and start buying all the pieces you'll need to complete the jigsaw (after lots of research).  If you rush into it and start hanging all sorts of random shit off your engine, you'll end up spending $25k and you'll get a shit outcome.  Research, patience and knowledge is your friend.


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