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  1. Okay, would appear that I need to bypass the amp in the boot.
  2. Hey all, After 10 years owning the car I decided to replace the Japanese radio that only picks up AM. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction: I've pulled out the JVC unit that was in there, noted that the wiring has been modified already. I've copied the wiring as close as possible to hook up a Pioneer unit (DEH-155MPG) and the end result is a) no sound from rear speakers and b) poor AM quality. First picture ("Front, rear") are the previous modificatoins. What are these mods and what do they mean for my install? Second 2 are the connections I've made to the new unit. Any help much appreciated. Cheers
  3. Car was never started. Immobiliser paid for itself. Minor damage: locks, ignition shaft and a few other bits and pieces that insurance are covering... :D
  4. Car is usually parked off the street however in this case it was on the street and there was access for a tow to come in in front of it. Live and learn. Third party, check. However that won't cover what was put into it of course.
  5. Hi all, Please keep a look out for my black r32 GTS-t type M, stolen this morning from Melbourne's South East. Rego TKC-170, distinguishing features are SAU-Victoria stickers on each rear quarter window, GTR bonnet. Car has an immobiliser however I have a feeling that its been towed. Appears that there's no shortage of stolen threads
  6. oh mangs i gotta get back into decas, some of the best fun i've ever had. seeya next year i suppose
  7. hehe nah i was just joking i saw your plans on stalkbook while i was watching the 2 r32s blazing round the track my r32 is good it now has a gtr sitting next to it
  8. btw let me know if there are any openings for working at hte land of chocolate
  9. i've exhausted the entertainment capacity of the internets so came here plus i want tyres from access auto because they're fkn useless with a phone
  10. fek i gotta log onto sau more often
  11. goddamn would've been hot up there today hope you all had fun
  12. mmmmmm deca... i'm ganna wait til exam timetable is out before i slot in though barney: your loudest screamer pipe will not bother anyone at deca
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