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  1. Items: CST PC race sim pedals Item Condition: Excellent Extra Info: Connects Via USB. I have setup instructions. On a home made frame. Google CST on youtube. Contact Details: Greg 0412075359 Price and price conditions: $100
  2. All yours. I still have it. Are you running a car yard now.
  3. For sale 4 cans of plasti dip 3 matt black and 1 glossifier fade buster Item Condition: New Extra Info: Vale Park area Contact Details: 0412075359 email or pm Price and price conditions: $55
  4. Dump pipe to match standard R33 Skyline turbo. Condition rusty but sound. Free Greg 0412075359 Vale park
  5. R33 Skyline Series 1 Instrument cluster. Excellent working condition. $20. Greg 0412075359 Vale Park
  6. Hi I have for sale a 10 inch passive sub in box suited to an R33. If you remove the right hand side liner it fits into that space. Used asking $50. Vale Park area. Greg 0412075359
  7. What the. Cant believe I am still on here. That was 7 years a go I asked that. Thats a nice looking pic in my avatar. Forgot how good it looks Whilst I am here I might have a look around..
  8. No sold that over 4 years ago. Still miss it but into the fishing now days. Still come on here now and then and see whats going on. Good place to still get info like what I am asking here. Car stereos go hand in hand with Skylines. You have well surpassed in the post stakes however.
  9. Can anyone recommend someone that can do car stereo amplifier repairs. I have one channel that drops off now an then. Thanks
  10. What is the trailer like. Is it registered.
  11. No worries thanks everyone. I will give some numbers a call. My TV has had a couple of moves but not for a year. Looks like the convergance has gone out of whack. In particular the red. There is a manual option to re-align it but it wont move.
  12. I have a Phillips rear projection TV that has all its colours gone wonky. Anyone else had the same problem and or can recommend a repair person. Thanks
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