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  1. Fair enough. Your sketching might be a little better than most then. Lol. Including mine. Even more interested in seeing them now. And I would like to add that I apologise for my comment. I don’t mind eating my words at all when I am wrong. I wasn’t paying enough attention as I was thinking about the HKS Vcam and misread your comment. I realised immediately after submitting my response and spent next 3 minutes cursing myself out and looking for the delete button. My mistake mate, sorry, didn’t mean any disrespect, was just a very strange thing to read, or think you have read... ✌️
  2. Sensing a touch of prejudice... Lol. American?
  3. Matching fromts are S2 R33 GTSt. Not a bad seat actually if you mainly driving on street and have passengers who are larger and/or don’t enjoy being in a sports/racing seat for no particular reason. (Such as the Missus...) Ive ever only owned my R33 so I have no idea about the R32/R34 particulars. But main thing is rails/seat mounts are compatible. My 02 R34 GTR replica seats were a bit different in the seat mounting and needed different rails (supplied) or adapters. Could have only been an issue because they are replicas but it showed how important it was... I wanted to retain factory rails and stuff but getting seat mounted properly with adapters was proving to be such a bastard that I ended up using the rails they came with. (Was nearly 10yrs ago so there probably far more options now but something to be aware of.)
  4. Assuming you’ve checked the obvious stuff? Fuses, relays, earths, battery, connectors....
  5. Can I take the injectors and fuel rail please? How much will postage to Cairns, 4870 be?
  6. Was worth a shot, have been looking for a set of ssrs for ages now. Does any one know of any; ssr integral gt1s or Avs model 5s?? After 18*8 +32& 18*9/9.5 +38 (or there abouts with offsets) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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