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  1. great thread mate. this car must be worth a fortune stateside. good luck with the forthcoming rebuild!
  2. here are the dyno results. incredible spool, amazing torque and a very long power band (for a subaru) 28psi by 3800 rpm. thats plenty of response! unfortunately the stock heads are killing me with its tiny cams and weak springs. would like to see this with 272s springs, and a 4 inch exhaust. i raced it at the weekend in the local sprints. such an amazing car to drive. cannot talk highly enough about this turbo! edit the previous run of 340kw was done at a higher ramp rate. it was dropped to 10 for this. on the shoot out mode that some "tuners" like to print out, should made 370kw at all four. gotta love dynos
  3. hey fellas, just had a read thru. thought id chip in. ive been running the .92 g25-660 for about a year now. semi closed forged ej25. amazing turbo, spool, mid range everything. almost as responsive as the tiny factory td04. in my humble opinion, this is too small for an rb. you'll get mad response, but no top end. runs about 340awkw at 26 psi. under very strict controls, pulled timing, torque limit etc. clutch and semi closed engine holding us back. still makes 100kw at 95kph, and 200 kw at 110kph. have since exploded that clutch, now have a new twin plate on there and a more efficient cooler. if i get it back on the dyno any time soon, ill drop back round to post the sheet. we also, have a sleeved ej28 stroker in the build hopefully to have a g30-770 or g30-900 attached to it. with the current wait times, and gcg having the monopoly (and also charging full price upfront to non traders) it could be a while. once MTQ has stock, we will be all over it.
  4. bit the bullet and went with a g25-660 .92 external gate on the sti. ej25 on e85. will post dyno results when I have it on there. wont be till after xmas. compared to a similarly rated efr that's in the shop, its nearly half the size. (don't know what efr exactly, but told its only rated to 750hp) this replaced a twinscroll td05 20g setup. have to say with a very basic road tune to make it driveable and zerod wastegate duty. it starts to make boost earlier than the twinscroll setup. it also made 15psi by 3k rpm. again, zero duty and a very rough tune. to say im excited is an understatement. will report back when link is installed an tuned.
  5. its the salties you've gotta look out for. temper worse than a pretentious melbournite who hasn't had his skinny soy pumpkin enema.
  6. bought 660 acres of prime NQ farm land for 1.2m just saying. not a single apex member in site.
  7. about time there was a decent chick for these reprobates. welcome. dont crash.
  8. its starting to grow on me mang.
  9. lol @grant. would love to see a gen 1 vs a gen 6.
  10. i have a 4 gt sedan. for the wife. cannot believe the size difference of the 5. its huge!!!!!!!!
  11. the gt's are not bad little motors. basically a raised pov spec wrx. but any NA subaru is a let down. (older models i mean)
  12. as a devout follower of subaru. never been one for the brz. handles okay, has no power, and the styling reminds me of a nerdy kid who got bullied at school thats been hitting the gym to look "hard" its still a skinny weak thing underneath. no amount of sti badges can make up for a turbo. the foz. needs some flared arches like the older models. but would def stick my wife in one.
  13. is very nice..... super stealthy. if only it wasnt a butt ugly gen 3.
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