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  1. Guessing they are restricting you next season? Must feel good to achieve such results in a new car. Any targa plans?
  2. Game is an epic simulator, physics are much more real world even compared to forza2 - Which never let you roll the car or 'throw' weight around properly. No R35 has really been a let down and im surprised there isnt any Radical's in the game either.
  3. Thats a massive weight saving, good info. Your quite the guru with R35 track duties! Those michelins are slicks right? Have you been looking at slick tyre options for the gtr?
  4. Impressive, Great results. How many laps have you done in the 35 so far? Maintenance?
  5. knore

    2009 F1 Season

    How did it bounce up to hit him like it did, when you watch the footage there isnt a car anywhere near him? Apparantly he has a fractured skull? Why couldnt this happen to lewis (oops did i just say that out aloud)
  6. knore

    2009 F1 Season

    Streaming link for practice in half an hour?
  7. 150 launches?! What are the biggest areas of wear in the R35? I wonder how tight & precise the gearbox/drivetrain system will be after a year of hard track days
  8. Considering it was won by the Whites in recent years with an R34 GTR N1, i think the R35 runners are in with a shot Interestingly, White has a lamborghini Superleggera now
  9. knore

    2009 F1 Season

    True that. Disliking lewis never came from lack of talent.. Which Tag Heuer Sunglasses have you got? I have speedways
  10. knore

    2009 F1 Season

    Alonso strategy went out the window, why teh hell did they do the first 6 laps under safety car? The track didnt change at all anyway. Must be pissed to start 2nd and end up 9th. Although he lost 2 or 3 spots from a late spin. How unfair for webber.. Hes been at RBR for so long but not the one to get the win. Great for Vettel, but ide like to see him get a win in the dry with a full field. Hoping no more rain-races. I want to see what the new aero package for renault etc has gained.
  11. knore

    2009 F1 Season

    Hmm fando very light. I wonder if webber could actually get a win this year? Do i dare to say it?
  12. Haha great! As much class and standing that comes with owning a ferrari or porsche, they would have to feel small when their track days and traffic lights are accompanied with the odd R35 All hail GTR and Nissan Engineering. I wonder what that lap felt like to drive lol
  13. knore

    2009 F1 Season

    Damn missed qualy since it was on so early. When do they post car weights? Alonso did time 7 tenths faster in q2 so shouldnt be too light. Hope the new-improved R29 without kers is more competitive. Great to see RedBull up there Do we have a list of the teams who have already modified their diffusers?
  14. knore

    2009 F1 Season

    Do you know if that link will work for future practice sessions?
  15. knore

    2009 F1 Season

    Is there still a link to watch practice live in streaming?! Post up if there is! f**king channel 'one', what a joke. Got all hyped up about being a sport channel, yet they dont play practice and have just as many commercials as channel 10. Hoping for dry race, we need a few clean races to see where everyone is and give the teams some good info to work with. Not suprised by lewis' disqualification. He has always been a dog. I think after he started dissing his world champion team mate after only 4 races in F1 it showed that clearly. Alonso even leaked that he helped lewis massively preseason, then soon as race 1 came around, he wouldnt even shake his hand. Notice he has no friends and his gf is that dumb girl from the pussycat dolls lol they suit each other perfectly He's so easy to hate lol Im pissed that practice is on right now but i cant watch it
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