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  1. R34 GT-T rims good tyres $550
  2. Looking for rb25 turbo wouldn't mind op6 for C34 S1 stagea
  3. Up for sale is Nissan Stagea Series 1 c34 full Tail lights thats the Brake lights and the lights on the tail gate Upgraded to S2 lights no longer needed has small Chip/Crack in LH Tailgate light underneath can hardly see Will be available in a weeks time will post located in SA
  4. as it says im looking for those parts im in SA but will Pay Post thanks
  5. Oh when I open it, it only comes up with the first line
  6. So for some reason none of what i wrote came up so I need Weather shields FMIC Zorst Rear cup holder Or really any after market stuff let me know Will pay for post of things in SA
  7. Hey so I'm in need of a few part for S1 C34 Weather shields or just the RH side Eyelids Rear boot struts S2 tail lights full set Zorst ( not stock) Rear cup holders Cv's Don't mind paying post I'm in SA
  8. Depending on what your looking for i sell used cars at city mazda port rd hindmarsh come in see me or give me a call names Michael
  9. I know what u mean back when I had my skyline I passed a stag cruise about 3 years back and was amazed by how many there were the real WOW factor.
  10. Wow bit of a stab there all good hey didn't mean it against u or others that do things on this site. Some ppl were just a lil annoyed about getting Pm's the day be4 the cruise that's all but as u said u were busy as beans and that's cool there is always going to be more than one person or club or ppl that say there clubs trying to do there own thing but I do know a few ppl find this site a bit of a headache fb is just easy that's all but ay if we go out ill sure to put a thing on here too And what I wrote about a group thing ect was not a stab at it not being a group thing I just meant it as a gen as there are a few ppl out there that only run there own thing and do it there way hey don't want no tension if ppl r over stepping by all means yell out work together and soforth Fb well a lot of ppl do use it not just teenagers as my 74 year old grandma and her little woman's club have it but everyone has an opinion weather good or bad
  11. Premoteing for a mate please share it round trying to get a nice little community going here http://www.facebook.com/SaStagOwners?notif_t=page_new_likes
  12. Yea I'm sure a few ppl have see what this will bring there is a hand full of mates going at it not just a single person so see what it may bring its all about community and getting involved and want this to be run more by the ppl not just a sole person planing things and deciding where and when but ay even if its 5 ppl on the first run or who seem interested its still a start.
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