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  1. shame you're in melb! i want the inlet manifold/sensors/injectors etc. if no one comes to get it and you decide you want to get something for it let me know and i'll buy it!
  2. im pretty sure you wont get an rb20 head on an rb30 block without welding all the water/oil gallerys up and drilling new ones, so unless you're really keen scrap that idea and get a rb25 head!! yes my vl rb30et made 187rwkw with very little mods, it is a relatively healthy motor though (considering its never been rebuilt). cubes i believe the factory power figure was on 95RON? however i do know a friend managed 140rwkw from an auto VLT on 91ron before it pinged!
  3. heres my chart i must admit i wasnt expecting a reading so high, especially with the catback exhaust and the boost tapering off >4000rpm. i'm happy for those of you who didnt realise, its a stock motor, turbo and ecu, only mods are cooler, catback exhaust and boost increase (13psi peak). joel was it you who told me the speed at the bottom wasnt calibrated? he stopped my run at 5100rpm, and going by gearcalc that should be around 175km/h in 4th gear, but that doesnt match the chart. i wouldnt mind calculating the rpm from the chart if i can.
  4. 'doh! we'll find out once i put a better clutch in, it'll need it either way
  5. joel, if it's leaking its not making it as far as the ground! but its only a stock VLT clutch, asking it to hold the power i have is a bit much i think, i always had planned to upgrade it one day.
  6. lucky i paid by today then! gave it some boost in 4th the other day (with the vl's gearing you dont get to do that often as you have to be 80+km/h) and the clutch didnt slip.. hopefully will be OK for saturday
  7. I noticed that 10 people haven't deposited yet so I just did so then. Should show up tomorrow hopefully. Even though my clutch slips, its only sometimes in 4th so if I drive it there easy and dont heat the clutch up, and get the dyno done in 3rd, hopefully it'll be OK. Haven't had it run with the cooler on yet so it'll be good to see how it goes even if the clutch does slip during the run.
  8. looks like i wont be able to give my car a run after all, clutch slips once it hits fullboost in 4th and sometimes in 3rd, and I probably won't have a new one in in time for the dyno day
  9. if you dont mind a vl being there, wouldnt mind giving my VLT a run, havent dynoed it since the cooler went on and boost was turned up...
  10. if its regoed its fine. problem we had was the car didnt have RWC (road worthy certificate). to sell a cer there registered, you need RWC. no point paying for a RWC and rego just to drive it back to SA...
  11. after having trouble with the cops doing this a few weeks ago, just keep this in mind if buying a car from VIC without roadworthy. the owner keeps the plates, so you have to get a permit to drive the vehicle without a roadworthy. GET A SINGLE TRIP PERMIT, not the other option which is to take it to a mechanic to get roadworthy done. the fine is $500 if you get caught (driving unregistered vehicle) and then you need to spent another $50 for another permit, which is the same as the first one with a differen box ticked. also, even though transport SA will tell you otherwise, the SA Police WILL NOT recognize the victorian unregistered vehicle permit, so get an SA one before you go. be nice if they agreed seeing as we had a form filled out ready to get the SA permit, but upon taking it in, they said it was a waste of money and the VIC permit would suffice. towing a car back from SA/VIC border @ 70km/h is not fun.
  12. had a vl once do a very similar thing. i took the top timing cover off and could see the belt flapping around (hence the noise) at 1500-2000rpm. was all good with a new belt.
  13. hey all has anyone had their RB injectors cleaned and flow tested in adelaide with good results? if so, where? every set i've had cleaned (both n/a and turbo RB30 ones) have come back OK and a few months later started leaking internally. i have yet another set of original ones i'd like at least flow and leak tested but i'm not sure where to go, i dont bleieve most of the places here do a good enough job. Thanks Nath
  14. its only for the rb30e n/a so i doubt there'd be a big torque difference from an rb20det.
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