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  1. Good question. All I know is that they’re Rays/Volk LM GT4’s...
  2. I knew you’d be across this, mate! [emoji108]
  3. I have a million(ok, maybe 60 or so...)new photos to upload, however... doing them one by one on the app is exceptionally painful and frustrating! Suffice to say...she lives.
  4. A quick question: there was a trader there selling 3D printed numberplate brackets...has anyone got their details they can post/PM me?
  5. Was a great meet; happy to see many and varied entrants!
  6. Here’s a thought: the R32 V Spec has four spot front and two spot rear factory Brembo calipers. From memory, Ferrari’s F50 front 6 spot Brembos are the same model type, obviously with more pistons. In the theme of keeping the car ‘looking factory’, but upgrading the braking power...has anyone ever attempted this idea: Swap the front four piston calipers to the rear and fit 6 piston F50 calipers to the front, with upsized rotes on the front(at least...rear upsize?). Has anyone tried or achieved this? I’m sure there’s bracket fab’ and brake bias issues, maybe ABS issues, master cylinder upgrades required, whatever? Just throwing it out there...
  7. As an additional thought: 265/40/17 on 9” rims: has anyone run this width and had any rubbing issues on their R32 GTR? I don’t want rubbing, and I am def’ NOT rolling guards to accommodate rubber...
  8. Good feedback, team! I’ve got some solid info now, thank you!
  9. G’day all. I need to get some better quality 17” tyres for the 32, something with a bit of a trackday capability, stickier for performance(I’m not so worried about wet weather or mileage issues). It seems most quality tyre manufacturers don’t make much/anything in 17” anymore. I’d like something along the lines of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, Toyo R888R, Hankook RS4... Currently I’ve got 255/45/17 on 9” rims. Has anyone got an insight in to who sells such things/where etc? Any help appreciated.
  10. G’day all. Does anyone have an RB26 valley centre cover/spark plug cover they’d consider selling? Has to be genuine, ideally with the orig’ branding, but other than that can be a bit ratty(it’s getting painted)? Send me a message on oh four one four, four hundred and eighty four, one 7 uno! Pic for illustrative ideas!!
  11. do you know anyone with a 33r gearbox 


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