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  1. Thanks; this fits in with what I was thinking so far!
  2. I’m an R32 GTR guy, but I’m looking for a runaround and found a 2002 AR-X Four NM35. It’s an auto, and appears unmolested(which is perfectly fine by me). 110,000km on the clock... whether that’s verifiable or not remains to be seen. What issues do these cars usually present? Anything in particular to look for? If it was an 260 RS Autech I’d be way more familiar with the underpinings.... I’m not at all across this AWD AR-X! Come at me with info!
  3. Yep, knew they were gone officially. PM me what you think is a fair $ figure and we’ll discuss. I know JL’s work; that may be my other route just yet.
  4. I thought I’d posted up chasing these parts before, but apparently not, looking at my history... I’m trying to get two boot trims for an R32 GTR, the floor ‘carpet’ base piece and the trim that fits over the opening to the back seats. I believe the genuine part numbers are 84902M – Carpet, trunk floor 84900, finisher assy, if that helps... Do you think you may be able to help? New or VGC preferred. I’m based in Canberra. Cheers, Jayson.
  5. She’s on the dyno for her final tune as I write this!
  6. Thank you all; there’s been some good memory jogs in there! 👌
  7. They supply genuine Nissan parts? I did not know this...
  8. G’day ACT SAU’ers. Does anyone have a go-to contact at a local Nissan dealership that will actually do their job and find/quote/order parts? I’ve found Lennock used to have a good guy who cared but has left, and the current lot seem quite muppet-like. Local help? Or, barring that, a contact at a dealership outside of the ACT who knows their stuff and can actually do their job?
  9. I’ve just discovered that my passenger R32 GTR seat won’t recline, or come up, as the twist knob seems solidly stuck. I’ve tried to move it once I’ve ‘unlocked’ the seat from its position (as if I’m allowing someone in the rear seats), and tried to turn it then, but no luck. Any thoughts?? I know it used to work perfectly.
  10. G’day. I’d like to save my dash, plus reduce the usual glare issue, in the GTR with a dash mat. Who has a good lead on a quality dash mat to suit the BNR32? I want a quality fit and finish, and I’m looking for suggestions beyond ‘Supercheap Auto should have something...’ Thoughts?
  11. Ow I’m curious how much room I’ve got as to if I can get 265’s on with enough room to spare. I will wait until I’ve got the car back from the tuners to see...
  12. Some seriously good advice from all, thank you!
  13. Thanks for the tip; ordered, received and awaiting placement on the 32!
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