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  1. Wow Richard! Better than a new one.... Nice daily driver!
  2. All still available except The Ross balancer sold. Need these gone!!!!!!! Taking up valuable space in my kitchen cupboard
  3. Half the retail price and this is brand new. Buy buy buy
  4. These will fit on jst about anything . R32 Gts-t, r33 Gts-t, R34 Gt-t Soarer, Chaser's, ya mums falcon, ya sisters s13 (5 stud) s14,s15 THESE WILL CLEAR BIG BRAKES!
  5. Ross Balancer sold. Everything else still available!
  6. Now $2300 imagine what a difference these puppies will make in your life
  7. Its all still available... These bits will help make u go really fast...
  8. It will make u slide real good Still available!
  9. Gone to a new hme SOLD!!!!
  10. use them as a coffee table stand? Still here...
  11. Sumone come pick em up.. I can also organise freight for interstate buyers