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  1. I live in NSW, on the central coast. It takes me over 3 hours to get to Wakefield. You misunderstood me regarding cruising. I don't cruise for the hell of it, it usually consists of going to the movies etc, somewhere with a purpose, rather than 'mindlessly burning fuel'. The driving part goes for about an hour max. Driving 3 hours to get somewhere to then speed around a track and at the end of the day drive 3 hours back is not something I want/can afford to do on a regular basis, that's all I'm saying.
  2. In order: - more locations closer to home to use instead of the streets - if the person is actually doing something wrong, pull them over. Don't pull somebody over just because they have an exhaust, and pretend its a 'random' test. - no, they need to make it cheaper/worth our time to do so. this is also covered by the first point, because if the tracks were closer they wouldn't have to drop their price by so much as we would be saving in fuel/food/time. - cruising is fun. Never to see how many people we can drag off the lights, or how fast we can get to a location. Having a nice car and showing it off as you drive along is one thing, doing a burnout and going sideways up a main street is another.
  3. Deposit taken, sold pending final payment.
  4. Thanks mate. Give me a wave when you see me next!
  5. 118,000 serviced on the weekend too Gosford - central coast 1996 (series 2)
  6. no, but i could get one if your keen
  7. aftermarket steering wheel, possibly a head unit i cant tell
  8. on...? install the gear you ordered, then if problem persists ask again.