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  1. Hi Trent,

    Can't seem to PM you so I've email you with some questions.

    Thanks mate.


  2. sorry Thelen .... but i don't think it's right..... the screen says 1999 standard GTR. i thinm PSYMON has the updataed database that can bring uo GTR that stars with a 4 at the front., ie BNR34-4xxxxx (see pg 129)
  3. Sorry. need someone with updated database to help you. Mine comes up with nothing...
  4. My friend showed me this video today and I laugh so hard i nearly fell off my seat! Taught i should share it here If you are looking for cheap Brembo, maybe this will do
  5. S4T4N

    D2R In Vic?

    Cheers for the tips guys. Happy New Year!
  6. S4T4N

    D2R In Vic?

    Hi everybody. I have a blown headlight globe and I'm wondering if anybody know where can I get a set of new D2R globe for my R34 in Victoria? I tried ebay and I couldn't find any local sellers. Only found sellers from US but I need them as soon as possible. 666DAN doesn't have anymore in stock. Thanks Sue ps - anyone has a tip on how to remove the cap easily? I tried to twist it anti-clockwise as carefully as I could but I still borke my cap's fins. Read through some topics in here and ppl are just saying to use some brute force. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. S4T4N

    Spotted Thread

    around 8.20 Number plate starts with a "X" and end with a "5"
  8. S4T4N

    Spotted Thread

    just spotted white 34gtt 4 door without a spoiler driving down mountain highway > wantirna rd > canterbury rd your right rear light isn't working. you might want to fix it
  9. Just saw this on 9's ACA. Another bad name for Skyline owners as the news are saying it's a skyline. But is it?
  10. S4T4N

    Saw A Hit And Run

    Just wanted to say thanks to Greme help. We drove down to the police station the lady lodge her report @ and gave our statement there. all good.
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