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  1. Car is sold. Thanks Spacepants, good to know its appreciated! Tempted on the offer but I'm trying to save money so I'll get a daily for a while then jump into something interesting again.
  2. I'd be tempted but I want to get out of a turbo for the next few months to clear up some cash for shenanigans. I've also done some more research into the other GTR's currently for sale and realised my car was priced a little optimistically. Offers around $16,000, less if you've got your own wheels.
  3. No idea how those caps fit on man, Needs magic to get them on! haha.
  4. Hey guys. Its a brilliant car and I love it but unfortunately my circumstances have changed and the repayments are getting a little too steep. I wont go into the details but if I could keep this and not dig a deeper hole for myself I would. I've only had the car for 10 months, but its been completely trouble free and the only time it hasn't started is when I left the headlights on. So. What is it? 1990 R32 GTR What does it do? Goes fast. How many k's? 116,xxx How much will it cost me? I'm open to offers around $17,000, less if you've got your own wheels. Whats it got? Koyrad Dual Core radiator HD clutch 17" Panasport G7's (17x9.5 +15 front, 17x10 +20 rear) Khumo rubber @ 80% Tein Super Street Coilovers (Installed 6 months ago new) Torque Splitter (so you can manually control the front / rear split of power) Kenwood head unit, with 6" speakers and tweeters in the doors. Nismo 260kph Dash (180kph limiter removed too, but shh) Dash and gauges are all matching amber coloured. I also have HKS braided brake lines with brackets etc to suit which will be included. In my ownership the car has had the Tein coilovers installed, front balljoints replaced and the rear tie rods replaced. Whats wrong with it? After I removed the boost restrictor the car has developed a mild hesitation onto full boost, but replacing the restrictor clears that up. There are a few nicks and dings around the car, all would easily be removed by a paintless repair guy in an afternoon. The clear has gone in two spots on the roof, but both spots are still small and are not immediately noticeable. The Drivers side bolster is worn, but the cars original, what are you going to do? Otherwise the interior has a few small issues, some glue on the dash from previous owner. The Dash otherwise is in great nick, no cracks at all. **Contacts** PM me for my number, or just PM me here Pics!