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  1. Have you tried it? It is nowhere near as rough as the Laphroigh 10. Definitely worth trying a nip next time you're up this way.
  2. It's actually really smooth. Mouse likes it and he, like you, is adverse to anything peaty.
  3. The more refinement that goes into these peaty and smokey whiskies the less it tastes like an ashtray. The Ardbeg Perpetuum for example, nice heavy notes of tar and soot on the nose yet dark chocolate and honey on the palate. When you take a sip, has a nice warmth to it followed by smoke.
  4. Japanese hey? Very pure crisp flavours. Which in particular?
  5. It's all a matter of preference. I prefer whiskies with a bit of smoke/peat. Dalmore Cigar Malt, Dalmore 18, Clynelish 14, Aberlour 18 for example.
  6. Quarter cask is one of my brothers favourite drops. I too quite enjoy it. For your palate, I do recommend the Dalmore range or the Aberlour. Good stuff! Had Dalmore 12 earlier tonight and enjoyed it.
  7. The big block boys have been saying it for years "there's no replacement for displacement". The cost of building a 26/30 would be punitive compared to a RB28 I would have thought? Or you could just go a Rb34 That stuff is nice! Although you aren't a peat fan from memory. It's ok, I don't think he takes it personally.
  8. I wonder who will pick up that motor. 2.8 stroker or 26/30 Ants? Choices choices choices.
  9. Afternoon sir. Does that mean that motor and turbos and everything will be sold in order to start afresh? Few vultures may already be circling around that block.
  10. Good to see her running again! Take her to the cruise on the weekend.
  11. Unfortunate turn of events Ants. ?. Hopefully the next project moves more smoothly for you!
  12. You're parting out Ants? No more 33R? To the build thread! Also, morning all.
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