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  1. jdm_skyline

    Still available. Please PM me if you'd like to make an offer.
  2. jdm_skyline

  3. jdm_skyline

  4. jdm_skyline

    Its registered, rego is DD098C
  5. Selling due to getting work vehicle. Imported by Heartbeat Cars in Sydney last year then brought over to Adelaide. - Second owner (First in Australia) - Excellent condition inside and out - Regularly serviced - 56,000kms - Full leather interior with heated front seats - Bose Sound System - Sunroof - Front and Rear Parking Sensors - Reversing and Side Mirror Cameras - Full service history and import papers available Looking for $16,000 ono
  6. Hi, Some sad news..my touchscreen got recently scratched. It’s quite minor, just scratched whereabouts the aircon temp shows (v36 owners will know whereabouts). Just wondering if anyone has any experiences in removing or making scratches less obvious to touchscreen displays? The screen is plastic and has a matte finish. I’ve just bought some anti-glare screen protectors to avoid further issues later on. Thanks
  7. jdm_skyline

    Thanks for that. After doing a bit of research, I think I need to look at getting the following parts (As I want both front/rear sensors) The image shows all the required parts needed, but I believe the part numbers I have noted with a star include several of the sub-parts.
  8. jdm_skyline

    So I called the dealer thats selling this car and they advised its a non genuine part, but they couldn't provide me with any info on the make or model number of it. Would you have any info on this?
  9. Parking Sensor Recommendations Hi, Looking at getting some parking sensors installed on my V36, first of all are there genuine Nissan ones available to purchase? If not, does anyone know of a particular make that looks almost OEM? I saw a V36 listed on CarSales with the following sensor display, unsure if its from manufacturer though. Thanks, Jacob
  10. jdm_skyline

    Yeah battery is definitely in the correct way. In terms of cleaning it, it seems like it's fine.. It's ridiculous how expensive they are..
  11. jdm_skyline

    None of the buttons are functioning
  12. Hi, The other day I noticed that I couldn't lock my car with my key, after a few attempts it decided to lock and I didn't think much of it. When I got home it stopped working completely, luckily I had a spare smart key. I figured that it needed a new battery , after replacing it today it still doesn't work. Is my other key stuffed, can you get them fixed? Thanks
  13. Front Seats [sOLD] Stock Gauges [sOLD]
  14. jdm_skyline

    You can change the offset, but it must go off the GPS . At best it's an hour behind, so really it can only be used when its not daylight savings time