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  1. And just because it made the car so much more enjoyable to drive and was such a simple mod, here's what I used in case anyone's interested. Just make certain you dial in enough to allow the clutch to fully disengage the clutch at the stop of course. Reverse is good for this test since it doesn't have synchros so you can feel if it's clear.
  2. Since this has been revived, for those who still wondered, yes, twin plate settled down just fine. No shudder at all now that it's worn in no matter what I do. Amazing clutch, holds the power so well, and just lovely to use. One thing a few people have mentioned was that the bite is high, yes it is and it clearly has a shorter effective stroke than my old one. I had trouble with this as I drive two other manuals so getting into this was odd and took some adjusting each time. So I pulled the little plastic stop out of the clutch pedal and replaced it with a 12mm both and two nuts so I could adjust it to stop where ever I wanted. It's now absolutely perfect. Reduced the travel and it's much more drivable with the shorter throw and now just a joy. Has been for the last 6 years love it, will do it all again when time comes.
  3. For Sale, Set of four (4) Japanese Enkei RPF-1 Wheels GTR size Enkei RPF1 10.5/18 +15 5x114.3 stud pattern Wheels are virtually new apart from one with a little rash as in photo, otherwise perfect and barely used. Wheels have worn (see pics) Yokohama Advan A048 Semi Slicks which were used purely at the track. Were fitted on R33 GTR. Pic shows fitment on my car with no need for spacers. Pick up only for now (Eastern suburbs Vic) $1,850.00 Msg me on 0407 438 857.
  4. I put RPF1's in 10.5x18 +15 on my 33 and stuck with the 265 sections. Some brands run a little narrower at the tread however the Bridgies and Yokies I've had on it don't seem to be stretched at all, I asked a few tyre places about this and they said it's perfectly fine on that rim. The Semi's run even wider as a 265 so sit perfectly. I have no issue at all with the 265 on the 10.5.
  5. Thanks all for the enquiries, car has been spoken for. Will let you know if anything changes. Cheers again for the interest and good luck with the search. Mods welcome to remove.
  6. Hi all, apologies again for the indecision, have been uncertain about selling, just love her, however seems wrong to just sit there and not be used as was intended. So the ole girl is definitely up for sale. Description is as per the original advertisement, however the only things to change are that I put a couple more kms on her and fitted four brand new Bridgestone Potenzas ready for a RWC. Apart from that, same. So price is as per original advertisement and any questions, please feel free to contact me. Regards Jon.
  7. Yah, Ti is extremely light, mild steel definitely not, however in terms of noise, Ti tends to sound a little higher pitched to my ears. I would say Ti produces a higher pitched sound than Stainless. All three materials have quite different sounds in my opinion. I don't know the true weight penalty of a steel system nor whether I'd really feel in in a 480hp GTR, but I'm pleased with the sound. Hope you find a good one, they seem to be hard to come by.
  8. I understand that an exhaust made of mild steel produces a deeper sound to that of a stainless exhaust. This is likely due to the wall thickness of the tubing. Mine is a custom steel system and sounds deeper than all of the Jap stainless systems I've heard. Unless there's something else at play. I would also recommend not being afraid of buying a car that's been modified if they're nice correctly fitted mods. You'll end up doing it yourself anyway. Oh and you'll love it, I had mine up for sale recently and just couldn't bare to do it. You'll see.
  9. Ah I've just seen this, nice work Milan! Found your 34, beaut car mate, glad you found what you wanted and didn't settle. Must be a joy. Congrats bud.
  10. J, 1M is unbelievably. I wanted an E46M3, but couldn't love it, so decided on an E92 M3, still didn't. Drove many of them and just couldn't get into them, drove the 1M by chance and 5 minutes in, was wondering if they'd give me a discount if I put a deposit on the day. It was that good. It has a face only a mother could love, but on the road it's a monster. Breaks traction all the way to third and if you just want to potter, it'll do that too. So for me it was the perfect car just to get around in, but hit a fast mountain pass, and it's vicious and incredibly entertaining. And it feels Old school raw... properly raw. If you're seriously considering one, take one for a drive if possible, and I dare you to not buy it. If you want any more info, happy to have a chat.
  11. Can relate to this, when I see a clean 33GTR on the road, nothing makes me do the "Yeah........ look at that......." like them. I love how tough and wide they look. Ended up buying a 1M, couldn't let go of the GTR, now the 1M's the daily.
  12. Hi sorry gents, Milan is right, I left the country for a bit but I'm back. I was going through a hard time with having to sell her, however fortunately for me, my current circumstances have now changed and I've concluded that at this stage, I am able to keep the car. Sorry again for taking everyone's time, however it was genuinely for sale. Thanks again for the enquiries and good luck with your search. Milan, thanks for letting the forum know that I was away, and good luck with the 34. Cheers.
  13. For sale, Works Engineering 13 row oil cooler. This came out of my car as I went to a bigger one. As per pics, bit scratched but works perfectly. Lines are braided and both 1m long. Does not come with sandwitch plate as that's still on the car, heaps of them for less than $40 off ebay if you need one. Note also the installer cut the mounting tabs off one end as he used the other end to mount vertically. Pickup only from Melbourne area thanks. $50.00
  14. Ok, she’s up for sale, I’m not pleased about it, but I just don’t have room and she’s not driven as much as she deserves to be. And I have three two door coupes and really need something with some level of practicality. You’re looking at a Genuine ’97 Series 3 R33 GTR. I searched for about 2 years until finding one in the condition I required. This was going to be a toy so no hurry. When searching, my criteria was that she must be White, Series 3, she must be super clean and have all original paint with untouched panel bolts and perfect panel gaps. She couldn’t have been running big boost and any mods would be mild and tasteful, and the engine bay would look stock. Ok I was a little fussy, the front bar where the intercooler sits had to have the black unpainted surround near the mesh intact indicating the car never had a big cooler or crumby repainting job of the front bar. There could be no repairs, rust fixes, nothing. The brake ducts had to still be in position (so many are gone for some reason) and the underside had to be as clean as the body. I had a series 2 years ago and it was a horrible one. It had low kms and I purchased off that, but as they say, never buy these off kms, buy off condition. Things which shouldn’t have failed after 67,000 kms were failing, I suspect it had more like 250,000kms or more. I lived, and I learned. So when I went searching again, I said I won’t look at kms as it’s so easy to wind them, so I bought off condition, and glad I did, as she has been just superb for the five years I’ve owned her. I bought this GTR with 153,000kms and it has never missed a beat, never dropped a drip of oil and never burned oil. The coolant remains a lovely Green and never overheats and the AC is still freezing cold. You can see from the photos that she looks stock under the hood, my last one gave trouble with the police, this one does not, and produces stronger and more responsive power than the other one ever did. Mods list: Cam gears Apexi Power FC HKS GT-SS turbos Custom Exhaust Tien HA Fully adjustable coil overs Enkei RPF1 10.5/+15/18 wheels DBA 5000 slotted two piece front rotors with Ferrodo DS2500 pads Custom race spec external 28 row oil cooler from Melbourne Performance Centre to ensure she never runs stressed Hicas lockout bar Nismo Coppermix Twin plate clutch. N1 profile carbon wing was specially made using vacuum resin infused carbon, as the cheap copy that came on the car broke under the downforce at speed. Couple of things, when I bought her, the previous owner had an aftermarket stereo in her which I removed along with all of the fat cables. I’m not interested in listening to music when driving something so tuneful so there are no rear speakers and the heavy MDF from the boot has been removed. I installed a simple head unit with removable face and it just plays through the fronts, but I never put the face on. So last tune was prior to my ownership and showed 296KW at the wheels on the Racepace Dyno. This car is strong, smooth and very responsive, she howls and pops and goes around corners like they’re not even there. Is the body and interior perfect, no, there are some little marks here and there, but this is not a show car, it’s been set up to be driven. She never goes to the drags as I’m not interested in that, however I did a once off sprint to 100 using an iPhone app on a quiet straight road and she registered a 3.9sec. Never did it again, didn’t care to. Nice to know she’s fast though. If you’re frightened of a car that’s been to the track once or twice, forget about this one, because it has been. And it was amazing, last time at Philip Island, she lapped a second faster than a Gallardo, 458, and two GT3’s, and the 458 and one of the GT3’s were on full slicks. But if you want a car you might on the odd occasion take to the island, and want confidence that she’ll last the day, and then take you home again, then take a look. Or if you want a tough, drivable street car that will be completely unstressed on the road then this may be your find. The cooler is incredibly efficient and the handling is perfect. You can steer it on the throttle around the whole length of Southern such is its setup. Recently had performed: engine seals, timing belt and bearings (just in case) Nismo clutch, spigot bearing, seals etc all fluids changed, engine, tranny, diff, flush brake fluid and refill with Castrol SRF racing fluid Bleed cooling system and 4WD pumps etc all boots on front drive shafts replaced and CV’s checked and serviced. This car came to Australia at a very young age, so she has no rust on her whatsoever, check the strut towers and all are perfect with their original paint. Check out other cars first, please look at all of them closely, look for overspray, look for removed and replaced window seals, look for odd panel gaps. Look for strangely placed GTR badge. This is what I did. And I’ll be honest, I’m not dying to sell her, I’m not even planning to put her on car sales as I don’t want some punk coming around and wasting my time. I want it to go to someone who will appreciate the condition she’s in and who just loves GTRs. She’s showing 168,000kms on the odo because as above, I bought on condition, and I figure I'd get a perfect chassis and body, and if the engine needs a rebuild, then she’ll be perfect, but the engine is no where near requiring this and I have no intention of a rebuild as she’s still rock solid and super tight. I’m looking for $24,800.00 and I’ll sort the roadworthy. I have a second set of Enkei’s of the same spec with semi slicks mounted which I plan to sell separately for around $2K, however if someone gives me $25,500 for the GTR, I’ll throw in the second set. Kindest regards, and note that due to insurance, I will be performing the test drives. Thanks for reading. Jon.
  15. Gorgeous LiveWire. Would love to see more pics of it, every shot of it I saw looked unbelievable. I wanted it this car when I saw it but mine spends a bit of time on track and I just couldn't beat on a car like that. What's this anniversary? You're heading to Melb? Would love to see this car in the flesh. Nice find mate
  16. Gorgeous, love these. Is this the one that's been on Carsales and ebay recently? Couldn't stop looking at the sellers pics, car was is so original. You have a 34GTR listed, still got it or replaced? Beautiful
  17. (00)SKYLINE(00) is spot on. Don't need injectors, don't need spitfires. Get the exhaust, ECU, Cam gears and tune it up, will give great results. You'll be very pleased with how much these small things will get you.
  18. Thanks bud. And I'm with you. Just like a woman, I could stare at her for hours..
  19. I read this and decided I'd take the whale out again and see if I could shoot some bad photos of her....... and failed. They're gorgeous to me. But the GTS series I wing wasn't.............. great.. I still don't get why so many people seem to think they are ugly, or is just that those who do just seem to be those who would like to tell the world about their preferences in life. dunno. Still going through my shots.............. nup, can't find any. hahaha
  20. Heh heh, so am I mate, even if my own self assessment of myself leads people to believe otherwise.
  21. Just for reference, here is a response from me to one of those who 'got' my poor sense of topic development. Cheers Terry.
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