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  1. Good to see this old girl still alive and well. I imported it from japan a long time ago now
  2. S2 c34 had the rb25detNEO, so 206kw from the factory. Most stock stags lay down around the 135-150kw depending on manual/auto awkw/rwkw.
  3. Looks like a decent turnout. Needs more bayside blue tho.
  4. 1996 Mitsubishi mirage 1.5ltr manual A/c, mags, CD player, sports exhaust Paint on the roof and bonnet has faded Need it gone No rego, but can be re-regoed at service sa $800 Pm me for more info
  5. Sounds like the pinch guard. to stop fingers getting caught. For most cars It's easy to reset. Put the window up manually, ie hold the button up and keep the button up for 3-5 secs after the window has reached the top. Not sure if it works for stagea, but it does for 90% of the cars I work on.
  6. Best bet is to give captain thread/ doctor bolt a call. Only cost about $70-100. I'd love to help out but I'm Currently working in WA for a couple if weeks.
  7. just get your auction papers before buying the car, i was still waiting for mine (and a replacement coilpack) 2 years after purchasing and a mountain of phone calls.
  8. my mate is semi keen, just left for his first swing in the mines today, so if you still have it in 6 weeks when he gets back and is full of money, you might get a phone call. whats happening with your stag at the moment? surely its time to make up some side pipes and go to AIR already??
  9. Still kicking man, trucks going well, needs to be louder tho, the twin 4" pipes are too quiet. Lol You sold the rx4 yet?
  10. Guess you aren't coming down next Saturday then.
  11. C34 ended production in 2000, you can pick up a local car for around 12-15g. If you're keen on getting your own imported avoid Nagoya, speak to a private broker like iron chef.
  12. You did it from the top???? It's a 15min job from underneath.
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