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  1. AngryRB

    Abbott engines on the Gold Coast, they reconditioned my neo head for the RB30..
  2. AngryRB

    Looks sweet! Did you use stock r33 mounts or try modding them?
  3. AngryRB

    Yeah were quite loud noises at idle speed my tuner says the vct gears are becoming a more common issue. Id be shining a bright light around the backing plate, see if theres rubbing and also slacken the belt a touch if its a bit tight.
  4. AngryRB

    Ive had some recent experience with similar, the vct was rattling metal on metal noise on cold start. Had a metal scraping noise too, this was simply the backing plate rubbing on the cam gear, not much holding it back, probably happens from someone leaning over the motor with a fat gut lol. And finally another rub noise was the timing belt too tight, GL with it..
  5. AngryRB

    She's alive again, feels much better low down and spools up early... Love this idle..
  6. Stop makin babies n get that skyboat finished 😂
  7. AngryRB

    Could be but there new injectors, before the VCT replacement it would randomly not fire cyl 3 on cold start but after 5mins fire all 6. Once batteries in ill check the coil is sparking and maybe take the injector out.
  8. AngryRB

    Battery finally arrived, decided to splash out and get something decent. Shes a D34 yellow top, 750cca should be enough grunt. The battery tray i think will need widened but will be fine. Also got some more Mobil and zddp additive, even 0-40w and she doesnt use any oil 👌
  9. Good job holding onto this beast, looks pretty sick especially with sunroof.. You say 450kw.. i think of atleast an RB30 or a 3.4 stroker 😋😋
  10. AngryRB

    Will find out soon, waiting on a new battery as sitting so long has stuffed the battery.. Chasing an issue where it fires on 5 cylinders, what would cause cylinder 3 to not fire? Ive changed plugs, new coil and now coilpack harness.
  11. AngryRB

    Car developed a rattle noise on cold start, so ordered a brand new VCT gear and solnoid. Fitted them up after fitting the ring to make the VCT adjustable again. Fired her up and noise has gone.
  12. Try leak testing with 20psi..
  13. Abbott engines on the Gold Coast 👌
  14. AngryRB

    Relax man.. was only a suggestion, it does sound good now from what you've said.. For a budget slapper with a $200 bottom end it works fine for me, obviously a haltech would be best.. I said i run flex as in eflex from united. Did the nistune save your boat?
  15. AngryRB

    Its dedicated E85/flex, it doesnt run a flex sensor but i have 3 servos nearby so no issues.