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  1. Grab a stock running RB30 like i did, then recon the head and see how long she lasts. When she blows get 3.4stroker kit 🤗
  2. Whats the history of it? Id be looking under the covers to check if the cams are aftermarket. A set of fat cams could drop it 30psi, plus retarding the stock cams would lower it and if someone put some silly low comp pistons in. Do a leak down test, check the plugs, see how much blow by its making etc..
  3. AngryRB

    That BOV looks ancient, I'd get rid of it as your running an atm, it's probably bleeding air off under boost and your engines getting flooded. Also plugs make a big difference, the BKR7E's are the go as was said already.
  4. Strange the noise is only at 5k, when mine needed replaced it was rattling loud at cold start idle speed.. I got mine thru kudos motorsport around the $850 if I remember correctly.
  5. AngryRB

    Yeah nothing more frustrating than knowing you were there first but being dicked around.. hope they get it together soon for ya
  6. AngryRB

    Is this plug helping? Last set was a BKR7E that had a split in the electrode
  7. AngryRB

    Z32 afm and power fc
  8. AngryRB

    Yep a z32, today again cyl 5 so i switched it with cyl 6 coil and just like that all 6 firing... Will start looking into the multimeter idea and the cas test..
  9. AngryRB

    Yep that workshop gone to shit for sure.. not happy.. This morning i tried again, and cyl 3 and 5 dead, so i put 2 old coilpacks in and she ran sweet except heavy breakdown under load later when was hot. So whats the chances of 3 brand new coilpacks failing on a cold start? Loom is brand new from kudos, plugs new also.. What about the cas or ecu, can they play these kind of games? I dont really have a clue about multimeter testing.
  10. AngryRB

    Currently have annoying misfire problems. The engine is RB30neo, after taking car to reputable tuner he replaced cas with secondhand cas , a coilpack, std fuel reg, fuel filter and said the fuel injectors are dirty and fuel filter was blocked. So he road tuned car and said its better now. Original issue was it running like a wrx for first 10mins, after that it was a rocket. So now after it being at the workshop, it still starts like a wrx and now it has a strong misfire at 4k, right at the point it used to start breaking traction. So i started it up and pulled one coil out at a time, cyl 3 and 5 not firing. These coilpacks are brand new, have replaced them twice now. So my question is what can cause cyl 3 and 5 to randomly not fire? Or are these splitfire coils fake copies?
  11. I'll add my comp for comparison, cold motor, RB30neo with 260poncams, fresh head, old bottem end stocker 165,170,175,175,170,170
  12. I think the real boat is the r35GTR, looks like it would handle some big waves, shes a solid looking vessel.
  13. Time to start replacing every sensor and part of the car, im currently half way there and still have a similar issue. Current theory is the tank could be full of crap leading to a dirty fuel system.
  14. AngryRB

    Neo head has the black CAS
  15. AngryRB

    Got the shits with this 5cylinder start ups so now shes at the tuners. But now apparently it wont start at all, bloody cars.. the day before i checked the injectors, coils all fired, plugs mint, did a comp test, motor cold. Cyl 1-6: 165,170,175,175,168,170 So happy with that considering the tomei cams drop about 25psi off. So hoping its a cheap fix but im thinking ecu maybe giving up, if so im gonna get a haltech elite 2000 or 2500 🤔 Had a few good squirts on the way, ripping 2nd never gets old..