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  1. Man thats shit, how can they not see that, im no expert but even those hone marks look rough.. Im interested what piston to bore clearance they did as hypatec pistons dont expand much..
  2. I had issues with hot start after filling at the servo, was cranking settings on power fc..
  3. I pulled plugs out and did comp test to see, maybe number 6 has been affected. The 155 annoys my OCD tendency, i will test that 10 more times lol 🤔
  4. Tuner says injectors are dirty as he replaced Cas, coils , coil loom, fuel reg, fuel filter and then road tuned it and did a week of cold starts. It starts up quick when cold and hot, but when cold cyl 4 and 5 are dead until i get load into it in say 3rd which is a rough cold start, then is like it clears its throat and back on all 6 cylinders. Seems that the injectors are only dirty temporarily so not sure getting them cleaned will help for long but worth a try.
  5. I've been running E85 tuned on the power fc and had cold start problems for a long time which are apparently caused by dirty injectors. So is it possible to fill with 98 and run a tank just cruising on light throttle with some reduction made on the hand controller or do i need a laptop and software and a 98 tune to switch to? I read on here that a tank of 98 every few tanks will keep the fuel system clean.
  6. Those gate pipes look like they are at 90degrees to the exhaust flow... needs to bias the gates more so they can work properly.. Looking awesome though man.
  7. Small update, i changed the plugs back to BKR7E and she has all the power back with no misfire's... The issue still remains, that is i start it and its on 5 cylinders until i drive up the road and load it up in second gear , then it seems to clear up and runs perfect.. except for it usual jerkiness on very light throttles which i assume is the camshafts or maybe tailshaft slop.. So what could it be that clears up with some load applied, could injectors be need8ng cleaned after 10k and using ethanol? Diesnt ethanol clean shit??? Tuners explains it as it must be dirty injectors but after he put shit plugs in not sure if hes right... Coolant is not going down and fuel economy is good, power is good, its just cold start on 5cylinders till loaded up.
  8. Grab a stock running RB30 like i did, then recon the head and see how long she lasts. When she blows get 3.4stroker kit 🤗
  9. Whats the history of it? Id be looking under the covers to check if the cams are aftermarket. A set of fat cams could drop it 30psi, plus retarding the stock cams would lower it and if someone put some silly low comp pistons in. Do a leak down test, check the plugs, see how much blow by its making etc..
  10. That BOV looks ancient, I'd get rid of it as your running an atm, it's probably bleeding air off under boost and your engines getting flooded. Also plugs make a big difference, the BKR7E's are the go as was said already.
  11. Strange the noise is only at 5k, when mine needed replaced it was rattling loud at cold start idle speed.. I got mine thru kudos motorsport around the $850 if I remember correctly.
  12. Yeah nothing more frustrating than knowing you were there first but being dicked around.. hope they get it together soon for ya
  13. Is this plug helping? Last set was a BKR7E that had a split in the electrode
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