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  1. I have results, comp test shows 197, 195, 200, 185, 205, 200. All timing marks line up and no decking or shaving and i used old 25 pistons and rings. Its better comp than i got on the RB3025neo but that has poncams.
  2. Hey i need some help I put together a RB3025 with the auto box and it makes loud screeching noise at first start up and then still can hear like a rubbing sound. Just wondering if i put the ring spacer in the wrong position. I put the flywheel on crank then spacer then the flywheel bolts then converter. Can anyone confirm the correct sequence or have a diagram?
  3. See in this video, its very noisy like loud screeching, this is without plugs in it. But suprisingly compression is high. 197, 195, 200, 185, 205, 200 Its high than my 2530neo but that has poncams so drops it a little. 20190711_101851.mp4
  4. Put the motor in and started her, theres a few noises that need investigating. The power steering is one noise, the other im not sure but maybe somthing common to stageas, its like a plate rubbing or in the auto box. The sound of it cranking is shit compared to my r33, maybe is the starter..
  5. The RB3025 neo is a totally different beast to a 25. The part throttle torque on the street, the early spool and the sound of it is awesome. Id never leave it 25 again, i find a 25 too lazy.
  6. Option 5- drop an RB30 bottom end in and gain bulk torque 🤔
  7. Dam.. this thing was a bitch to get in the bay... took hours to get the angle right and i may need to slot the mounts as she looks to sit high.. im craving to hear an RB again..
  8. She's a big unit, auto spigot bush was a prick to remove but on the home stretch.
  9. Progress being made, its fairly hard to turn motor, my arm says 150psi ish haha
  10. I decided not to use hastings, im not happy with them, was big mistake buying them. My engine is a budget slapper build so seeing as the RB25 i had was in great running condition i decided to use its pistons and rings ( 0.40 top ring gap). The americans can keep there sloppy rings and pistons.
  11. Will be interesting to see what the comp test shows.. anything over 150 will be a win.
  12. New rocker cover gaskets, cam seals, vct feed on, new exhaust mani studs
  13. Coming together, have shimmed the pump 3mm and left RB30 restrictors in the block. RB26 oem head gasket and RB25 oem head bolts. Vct mod done and bung in old feed. Handy having your old man thats a retired fitter and turner, i hate having to trust machine shops. I love the process of building these RB3025's, everything just works together so well. After seeing how well my RB3025 in the r33 works id never be happy with a 25 again.. Should be easier from here..😊
  14. I pulled 2 RB25's and an RB30 apart recently and they just arnt worn much at all. There is a larger ring end gap than factory but even the std size hastings rings had a bigger end gap than a 30yr old nissan ring. They build them good from the factory.
  15. On mine though they are fairly advanced and i dont have pinging issues on E85, i do have high comp though. Just somthing to consider.
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