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  1. $150 each.. good for a built motor while still driving the old one..
  2. I know my RB3025 has no issues at 350kw, is a simple oem RB26 gasket that was very reasonable cost from Kudos with ARP studs.. If the block surface isnt perfect then it could leak and after pulling engines out a few times recently im over that bullshit so id advice OP to keep it simple.
  3. Both are stock bore and had good comp,have oil pump and crank, bores look good, pistons removed from one block. Block 1 - has 5 pistons $250 Block 2- bare block $200 Jimboomba 0466257118
  4. Forget to mention, its Mod plated and legal for the RB30, intercooler and susupension.
  5. Stagea rs4 s1 for sale I've done a fair bit of work on this car so its got potential for someone to take it further. -RB3025 I took a good running RB30 and RB25 and put them together, new belt, tensioners, has VCT, stock head bolts, stock RB26 head gasket, RB30 sump, i used RB25 pistons and rings bolted onto RB30 rods and bearings.. all clearances were measured and within factory specs. Motor has 200psi accross all 6, no blow by or weird noises. - stock turbo in great condition and ecu etc stock - fmic - adjustable camber arms all around - 3inch exhaust turbo back - 370z wheels, new tires on front - air con is ice cold - Big alloy radiator Bad points - auto slips in 4th - suspension is bouncy needs replaced - starter motor bit noisy but still works every time. - previous owner put some gay lights in the cluster So has potential but its not perfect hence a low price, advertised elsewhere and can pass a rwc for the right price, has 5months rego atm. Located Jimboomba $3800 with rwc $3500 as is Pm for mobile 20191020_175305_1.mp4
  6. AngryRB

    Stagea auto

    Sweet, thanks mate, i'll drop in for a chat
  7. AngryRB

    Stagea auto

    They sound like a good shop, i dont wanna deal with shops that dont know what they are looking at. I'll give them a ring, cheers
  8. Drove her over the weekend and today to work, well theres alot of things to fix to make her sweet but oh well atleast it drives. I've found that 4th will flare under load so the auto box is dying unfortunately. But im gonna rock it til she dies and im looking into my options. On the bright side i freaking love it, 1st and second haul ass in traffic, the stock turbo spools rediculously loud and is very entertaining, many laughs had for sure. The thing idles so innocently but sounds like a jet, pulls well upto 3.5k then shows over haha but still fun.
  9. AngryRB

    Stagea auto

    I like the z32 idea though as would be strong and cheap
  10. AngryRB

    Stagea auto

    Ahh well thats not too far but labour adds up unless i just tow it once ive installed it, z32 autos are pretty old now though
  11. AngryRB

    Stagea auto

    I already have a manual in my r33, this car i want to be auto to be different and with manuals unless i pay $3k from japan for a new box it might turn out to have worn synchros/crunching etc anyway.. If i remove and install myself then maybe will get away with $2kish??
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