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  1. The sound gets better with more power/exhaust flow so all those things affecting flow contribute. So depending what you choose like Capacity, compression ratio, camshafts, exhaust mani, turbo size, exhaust size, external gate and muffler choice, the tune and power levels make the sound. At that level experiment with kakimoto or hks or some aussie combo, the problem i found was that at low engine speed the drone is annoying with big pipes so i made a helmholtz resonator pipe which quitens drone on cruise.. each to there own but works and sounds sweet for me...
  2. Cant beleive this happened but was bit dark and i wasnt paying enough attention. I put the jumper leads on wrong and big spark and bit of smoke off the negative terminal. So now it cranks and wont fire up. Has anyone done this before and what could be blown?
  3. Thread revival.. I'm thinking of getting RB25 Tomei pistons and fitting to some forged RB30 Rods in the RB30 block. I prefer tomei pistons as the piston clearance is tighter and Jap is better. My last experience was i fitted cast oem 25 r33 pistons to RB30 rods with r33 head and contradictory to what people beleive, the comp was high not low.. comp test showed 200psi Although the 25piston sat lower it has more meat ontop so actually was fine, correct me if im wrong. Now with a neo head im guessing comp maybe too high but its using E85 anyway and the tomei 260 cams lowers comp at low revs and comp test anyway so would 10.5-11 :1 ( guessing) comp be ok with a 3076 and E85??? Or maybe a thick head gasket will help out too... The cars still going strong, just preparing as cylinder 6 is slowly going down..
  4. Yes running out of fuel, the pump wiring was upgraded as he said it wasn't getting the full volts, so sounds about right then.
  5. That's weird then, last time it was tuned it was maxing out the 400lph walbro with 1000cc injectors on E85, is that about right or was the stock reg leaking maybe...
  6. Aeromotive 13129, rated 1200hp.. No wideband, tuner plumbed his own guage in the line and showed me the pressure changing, I'm not sure exactly what i was looking at now. I guess I'll just put her back on dyno then.
  7. It's a black Aeromotive FPR from efisolutions , I replaced it cause the old tuner said the fuel system was all clogged up from E85. The old reg is over 20yr old so thought is a good improvement, I set the pressure to 44psi but tuner says its raising the pressure with boost alot different to a stock reg so the fuel map needs retuned. Before we could tune it, a Welsh plug backed out from the back of the head right next to the fire wall. So just wondering if it really needs a tune still cause i cant smell much fuel if its apparently rich and no knock showing on power fc either.
  8. My RB3025 making 345kw had E85 fuel issues with dirty injectors so I cleaned them and changed the reg to a rising rate one. The tune was done with a stock reg so I'd like to ask will the rising rate reg mean the tune be off? Like will it now be much richer on boost and need just a tidy up or a full retune?
  9. $150 each.. good for a built motor while still driving the old one..
  10. I know my RB3025 has no issues at 350kw, is a simple oem RB26 gasket that was very reasonable cost from Kudos with ARP studs.. If the block surface isnt perfect then it could leak and after pulling engines out a few times recently im over that bullshit so id advice OP to keep it simple.
  11. Both are stock bore and had good comp,have oil pump and crank, bores look good, pistons removed from one block. Block 1 - has 5 pistons $250 Block 2- bare block $200 Jimboomba 0466257118
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