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  1. Hi guys. I'm hoping one of you can point me in the right direction here. I'm looking for a couple of cars to hire for my wedding on November 11. They don't need to be Skylines (in fact it's probably better if they're not), I'm just looking for a couple of 4-doors (missus won't get into a coupe in her wedding dress) that look and sound decent. The venue is a short distance outside Canberra. If any of you can suggest something to me please send me a PM. Thanks.
  2. Yes! Well done Webber! Granted, it was handed to him due to the Vettel gearbox issue, but at least Webz takes home the gold once this year.
  3. Drive-through for SENNA?!?! What race are the stewards watching?
  4. Schumacher showing again why he should have stayed in his castle. What a spanner.
  5. I should check the link before posting next time
  6. I'm gonna have to bail on this guys, was gonna help out as a volunteer but I have an injury that needs rest. Where do I drop off my man card?
  7. The rally event is TARMAC rally. No dirt involved
  8. Really looking forward to this! I genuinely believe SAU can dominate. RB POWAAAAH!
  9. I've been meaning to check out a DECA for a while so I'll come up for this. Not going to compete so I should be available the whole day.
  10. You heard it here first As I hoped, HRT have seen sense and dumped Leeoozee instead of Ricciardo. Liuzzi's days are obviously numbered, whereas Ricciardo is going from strength to strength. Can't wait to see him out of that tractor and into a real car!
  11. Don't know what Mclaren are packing this weekend but they're smashing everyone by a second a lap
  12. Thanks so much for that, appreciated it. Bought it today and had a good read. I love reading about how much people didn't like the GTRs! To that I say just one thing: Haters gonna hate ...
  13. Maybe if Ricky has a good run between now and then they can dump the spacer in the other car instead.
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