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  1. Adam,Joel,Darren, As others have said before nice looking car Adam, i have a ser ii 1996 skyline(r33) it was in fact the ist one sold here in s.a. and was a fairly rare car when we bought it.It was purchased with just under 20k kms on it and it was picked from main nth nissan on new years eve nearly 9yrs ago!(needlessly we didnt need a party to go to that nite ---we just cruised untill 4am!!! Joel/Darren, unfortunately the car has only progressed a little since i spoke to you guys all that time ago- ive relocated the brake lines,made the false firewall,had a custom air box manufactured that takes a huge k&n pad filter,had the gearbox rebuilt and blue printed by Dale at K&A,i had the alt rebuilt, also the power steer pump as well as i wanted to make a custom pulley set and couldnt seperate the shaft so had it stripped down returned the pump shaft to accept a new pulley and had it re assembled to as new,also made the pulley set,as you know the motor is complete(rb30 block,crank,rods ,pistons stud kit top and bot,r34 head-head job vavles 272 cams ,ni oil pump,stainless extr,gt30 turbo,48 mmwastegate,type r blow off valve,greedy inlet manifold(spent over a 100 hrs hand polishing it [and turbo housing] with 100mm sub zero throttle body. Unfortunately ive fallen on tough times in the past year as my take home pay has been reduced by nearly 30k and sue has been very ill for many months(on the mend now) so not much more has been done and after spending nearly 30k on motor and ancillaries ive contenplated selling off the package and putting back the orig motor as its only done 80k and just getting the car any bloody car back on the road (havnt had a car at all for the past 13wks- and now back on the bike!) But will hang in there a little longer as im about to change jobs so things may turn for the better, will be nice to catch up with you guys in the near future... Regards, SKYLINE...(Kym).
  2. As the ex owner of those plates for many years i will let you know they were paid for however the car hasnt been registered for past 3yrs while ive been working on an upgrade package.I had in fact put the plates up for sale but no one as usual was willing to spend any money on their cars so we handed them back to transport sa, and i kept the originals as a keep sake and have another in mind when it gets returned to the road---if ever! Regards, SKYLINE.(Kym)
  3. skyline


    Guy, I didnt think you noticed a game of footy on Mick's tv, i saw you shovelling pizza!Pity you and Di didnt come back for coffee we had a great time,even if it was a bit late for Sue to get up for wk sun morn... Regards, SKYLINE.(Kym)...
  4. F__k buying any body parts, i bought my car way back when u coudn't get anything------so i just went out and made the moulds of what i wanted put the parts on my car and now they are available 4 sale right here in adelaide but as usual no body wants to listen and buy local so pay thru the nose guys and enjoy!!! Regards, SKYLINE...(Kym)
  5. To ALL, Firstly let me offer condolences to all affected by the cruise accident, second i would like to offer you all some well meaning advice for your/our future cruises. You may ask what are my qualifications for giving these suggestions, i have owned my sII r33 for 8+yrs and have been a member of the svd club for all of this time,i've raced several seasons of moto x,raced supercarts,drag raced etc., but more importantly have plotted ,organised and lead so many svd cruises that i cant remember the no's.Over the years we have had many large cruises containing 35 to 40 cars and these are not easy to keep under control nor simply not lose anyone! A couple of simple suggestions for you to take in ,discuss and come up with the right answers before heading out----. Drive with headlights ON at all times,not only do oncoming motorists see you the cruise leader and others can see when there is a ring in amongst you.The cruise leader should in most cases be the person who has plotted the cruise,the leader of the cruise should not be passed under any circumstances.The lead car the tail end car and one in the middle of the pack (in the case of large no's participating) should be fitted with uhf radio's for quick communication.My method for over taking is tried and true and i swear by it's success.The lead car should have a reasonable gap back to the following cars and when safe to pull out and pass i move out into the opposit lane and stay out there with my right inicator on--- i do not return to the correct side of the road but stay out there so all following can pass the cars /trucks etc without having to be concerned with diving in and out from behind vehicles to snatch a view wether it's safe to pass or not!THE LEADER is telling you its safe he's done the pass and is now spotting for the followers- you would be surprised how many you can get passed safely using this method.I simply move back in to the correct lane (and join the others that have already passed) when there are no more following to pass(that's the headlights) or it simply is'nt safe to pass any more( and its not safe if you see intersections,side roads etc. common sense must be used!If there are others that need to pass then the lead car moves over into the right lane again leaving the followers to sit in the correct lane giving the ppl wishing to pass and re-group a clear veiw of me sitting "out there" with the indicator going giving them the ok to pass also.And so on... Im not trying to big note myself or anything but its important that the leader must be aware of his responsibilities etc when leading (incl changing speed etc as the conditions dictate!) Hope this may help you all in some way,or prompt you to discuss these issues amongst your selves.... Regards, SKYLINE (Kym)
  6. SIBA33, You will find if you start questioning some of the "so called engine builders" around town that most of their engine machining goes to Rhemac (and that incl the v8 brigade and a hell of a lot of race,speedway, and ski motors as well!) so you are better of going and speaking to Des at Rhemac and get shown around the workshop and look at the state of the art machines etc that they constantly up grade before you off load the $ to someone who will take a cut of the $ and only be the middle man with Rhemac or similiar being the contact you need to spk to.I'ts what i did before out laying app $25k for my complete enginge rebuild and ancillaries. Regards, SKYLINE...(Kym)
  7. 300kw+ For that power output you will need a fuel pump upgrade,larger injectors,and possible some cam gears to give you some leeway on timing issues, and thats without making up for any defeceincies you motor may have as std.For all engine machining Rhemac Mtr's in gawler are the best around by far, K&A motor sports at greenfeild are the best for setting up brakes(upgades) and suspension, also try Manta racing at richmond for suspension( he's done my own car!)And as for tuning a pfc as darren said shaun at boots wkx, willal racing at dry creek (wingfeild) or tilbrook dyno are all good tuners........And as for not wanting to travel to far-----dont be a tight arse you travel to were ever to get the best job done! 300kw is easy achievable but it doesn;t come cheaply!!! Hope this helps a little and good luck in your search---keep us informed in your travels.... Regards, SKYLINE... (Kym)
  8. The dash cluster you have displayed isn't that new,in fact the stack-sard dashes have been around for many years have always wanted to put one in my '33 but couldn't afford it.They run into about $3 - 4000 and i've only ever seen one in the flesh, autobarn mile end fitted one to an untidy black 33 that had a fair bit of money thrown at it several years ago.Cheers... Regards, SKYLINE...(kym)
  9. Sorry about the delay, i f--k,d up the ad,it was suppose to have his mob no in it :0411475779 ----name is Shane... Regards, SKYLINE ...(Kym) B)
  10. To ALL, Placing this on s.a. only for a mate of mine, as he doesnt want any hassles. A std 32 turbo in gd cond $250 neg... 0411475779 Regards, SKYLINE ...(Kym) B)
  11. Chops and All, I still beg to differ re the db limit for imports ,the sgt i dealt with had a folder - import specific models that quoted this and that.The 90db you are speaking about may be for aussie del models. I know i passed a couple of db under the limit (94 i think? ) Reagards, SKYLINE...(Kym) B)
  12. skyline


    Me thinks that the 360mm mentioned is the height from centre of wheel to eyebrow height.If its the other way round it will always be 360mm no matter what height your car is ??? Regards, SKYLINE...(Kym) B)
  13. To ALL, Placing this here for a mate of mine (wants it sold in s.a. only for less hassles) std 32 turbo in gd cond $250 neg... Regards, SKYLINE...(Kym) B)
  14. I'm not exacrly sure ( it's been several years now since being pulled over by an over zealeous sargent at eliz ) and was tested at the road side with the mic directly behind the exhuast at a steady 3500rpm which is illegal and foriegn to how cars are adr tested!But my point being is that our car came in a couple of db under the required limit for a late model skyline (each limit is model specific ) it had a local made dump pipe high flow american race cat,a 4" dia resonator and the muffler that the car came to aus with (jasma). So it is possible to have your cake and eat it to, but a word of warning several of the exhaust makers (local ) have a reputation for constantly being over this limit! Regards, SKYLINE...(kym) B)
  15. Thankx all (and to you and all your family aaron- we will catch up in the new year,how's the new job going? Regards, SKYLINE...(kym) B)
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